What’s The Deal With Queer Women And Softball?

– Hi everybody. I’m Jen.
I’m here. I’m queer. And I want to know if softball
really is a queer sport. (rock music) Despite my appearance, I’m
not too great at sports. I told this to someone the other day, and he went “Well aren’t you like “really good at softball?” Confused, I took to the internet and discovered that if you’re a woman who plays softball, people are gonna think you’re a ho- mo. Are queer women better at
softball than straight women? Do more queer women play softball than straight women? To get to the bottom of this, I decided to attend a
BuzzFeed softball game. One, so that I could ask other people their thoughts on this stereotype, and two, so that I could potentially bring the game home for everyone there. ♫ There she goes, my baby ♫ I am Jen. I am here at
the BuzzFeed softball game with my teammate Ryan. Ryan, do you identify as a queer woman? – Negative. – Do you think you would
be better at softball if you were a queer woman? – (laughs) – Which queer woman? I don’t know. No. – Any of them. Ellen. Are we winning or losing? I don’t … – Right now we’re winning,
which is rare for us. – Do you think we’re doing
better because I’m here? – Yes, absolutely. – Who’s up? – I don’t know. Oh, shit. I’m up. We gotta go. Is softball a queer sport? The only piece of evidence we have is that I am killing it right now. Look at this team. They love me. Unfortunately, my good
performance was short lived. The game is over. We didn’t win. We didn’t lose. We tied 10 to 10. Which means that the
results were inconclusive, and we need to investigate further. After pondering BuzzFeed’s
disappointing tie, I decided to speak with some players who were a bit more experienced than me and my coworkers. There are a lot of stereotypes that surround female athletes, but I think softball
players in particular, and some of them are that the sport is full of queer people. – I didn’t have some experience where there was just like all lesbians or all this, all that. We were a varied group of girls, just like society. – What a bummer. – I’ve played with straight
girls and lesbians. I think like anything, it’s just people like to perpetuate these kind of myths. – There are a lot of queer
women playing softball, but I wouldn’t say it’s any more than women’s basketball. It goes in every sports direction because you spend so much time together, and I feel like a lot of people take that friendship to the next level, and that’s kinda how it happens. You’re with them all the time. – [Jen] If Julie is correct and queer women don’t play softball more often than they play, say basketball, it’s still unclear why
softball players are more frequently accused of
playing for the other team. Unless of course, queer women
really are better at softball. I decided to test this theory again with a larger sample size. I took a team of queer girls and a team of straight girls to the batting cages to
see who’s really the best. Hey everybody. I’m here with the three
members of Rainbow Power. Incidentally, our queer team. Team Tigers, the straight team. There is a stereotype that queer women are better at softball, they
play softball more often. – There was a girl at my
school that played softball, and everyone thought she was a lesbian. Big reveal, she’s straight. – How do you think you’re all gonna do? (Cheers) – I’m really scared. I don’t
like balls, these ones. (start bell) – The first contestant for
the tigers is up to bat now. Her name is Holly. She’s gonna kick ass. Let’s do this. First up for team Rainbow
Power is Kelsey Jones. Linda Barsi, number two from the Tigers, is about to go up to bat. Contestant number two
from team Rainbow Power, Gaby Dunn is up now. – [Gaby] Oh! – Jenny, the last
contestant for the Tigers, is up to bat now. Karen is the third and final batter for Rainbow Power. (Cheers) – I’m a stereotype! (laughs) – Our victorious team, also
incidentally our queer team. How do you guys feel right now? – Feelin’ pretty good. – You guys wanna go adopt some cats? – Yeah, that’s it. Let’s go. – And like, listen to
Tegan and Sara or … – Yep, sounds like a … – Who’s Tegan and Sara?
Who’s Tegan and Sara? – Never heard of them. – What? (laughter) – At the end of the day, yeah, the queer girls were a little bit better than the straight girls
in the batting cages, but regardless of sexuality, we were all really bad. – Oh! – Great, we’re all gonna die. In fact, the only conclusion
I’m comfortable making is that, no matter who you are, you can still suck at sports, and we did. (upbeat music)

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