What is Moneyline in Sports Betting

Hi my name is Glen and I am the Odds Coach Today we’re going to be learning what is
a money line So, moneyline odds are the most basic to
understand in a in a sports betting situation. Essentially all you’re doing is choosing
the outcome, which team is going to win a given match. We see moneyline odds most
typically in baseball and hockey and the reason for that is that they’re
low-scoring games. That means that for a sports book to add
a spread one way or the other, it takes on a significantly higher
amount of risk and so though you do see some spread betting in these sports it’s rare and a little bit
dangerous. So let’s take a quick example of a
moneyline bet that you may be investigating for baseball. Today’s gamev Toronto vs Houston
typically on sports betting sites you’ll see one odd that odd is usually
the negative, the favorite, is listed beside the the favorite team. In this case – 167 is the odds that
they’re offering on Houston to win this game. it’s very important that you always
research the other side of that bet try to understand what’s going on in the
sports book in this case. Toronto’s being offered out at +145 The easy way to say this is that a
hundred dollar bet on Toronto is going to win you a hundred and forty five
dollars and to win a hundred dollars on houston you need about a hundred and
sixty-seven dollars. I can’t emphasize enough how important
it is to not use those on numbers when making sports betting decisions. They’re
specifically designed to abstract the amount of risk that you’re taking. What I would advise is taking and and converting it into a hundred-dollar
bed on either side when you’re placing the money line back like this. In this case we know that a hundred
dollar bet is going to pay for Toronto is going to pay a hundred and forty five
dollars but we also want to say for Houston a hundred dollar bet on houston
is actually going to pay fifty nine dollars and eighty cents. That helps get in your mind a little bit
about how much risk that you’re taking on for any given bet. Providing that this game goes five
innings or four and a half innings of Houston’s winning there will be a result in this game and
either one side or the other will pay out. Let’s do the same thing with hockey
here we have Washington, who is once again a home favourite -152 In this case that means that a hundred
dollar bet on washington is going to pay sixty five dollars in seventy-nine cents. Then Pittsburgh is going to be offered out that +137.
All that means is not a hundred dollar bet there is going to win you a
hundred and thirty-seven dollars. Providing that this game last at least
55 minutes of playing time there’s going to be a result one way or
the other and you are going to win or lose your bet. The next question is how does that
affect other sports. Sports that we typically call spread betting sports. I’ll explain spread betting a little
more clearly in another video but spread betting sports do often have money line
odds but it’s not the primary odd of that sport. Football, some sports books will have money line
odds for all football games but if there are heavy favorites those odds will be very extreme -200, -300… You’re going to have to bet a lot of
money to try to pull in a reasonable amount of profit. So some sports
books don’t even bother with those typically they’ll set their limited
between 0 and 10 point score predicted in the outcome. If they think that New England’s
going to score 21 and the Jets are going to score 17 they’ll probably release a moneyline odd
for that outright. Same thing in basketball and the numbers are generally
the same between 0 and 10 points differentiating the score of that
game and they’ll release some money line or the money line will be a very
reasonable number now. The exception to this is a soccer or or English football
and the reason is that you have three possible outcomes a win-loss and a tie in
most matches. Not in tournament play where
they do determine a winner but for the most part most of the betting that you
are going to do on soccer is win, loss and tie. Sometimes you can get a money line odd
in soccer but they’re generally a type of combined odd, picking a win and a tie
on any particular team so almost like a a form of parlay.
I would stay away from money line in soccer depending on…it could end up in a lot of
pushes you can create your own betting odds there but don’t really worry about money line for
soccers, is my advice there. Just a recap moneyline sports betting is
betting on a single outcome a win or a loss in a game you’re you’re going to
select a team and providing that the game goes to completion you’re going to either win or lose your
bet. so that is moneyline betting. If you took
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  • January 16, 2018 at 6:28 pm

    Moneyline betting for football example: where one team is like -900 and the other team is like +150, would a $25 parlay be a good bet (not betting over or under just the moneyline and only two teams?

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    hi there nice vid. do sportsbooks place restrictions on the type of moneyline bet you can make? Especially in NBA bets?

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    Noob questions: Let's say you bet on the -152 but you will win 65.79, but you will still get the money you bet right?
    i.e. you have $200 then bet $100 then won 65.79, so you'll have $265.79? right?

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