What is an Elevator Pitch? Examples for Students and Job Seekers

So what is an elevator pitch? Let’s say
you get into an elevator and someone who could help you out in your career boards
after you. You only have a short amount of time to engage with this person. Would
you know how to clearly communicate your strengths and attributes in a compelling
way? Other more practical situations where you may need to give an elevator
pitch would be scenarios like networking events or job interviews. An elevator
pitch typically consists of a few elements. It’s usually 30 to 60 seconds
in length and about 4 to 5 sentences long. Remember you’re making your first
impression with your elevator pitch so take some time to prepare what you’re
going to say. There are several elements you should look to include in your
elevator pitch. Start with your name and then go into things like your
educational background, professional experiences and important skills.
Remember to be yourself. Communicate how you can add value and avoid things like
hobbies using cliche words and sharing anything too personal and last but not
least practice. There are also subtle nonverbal elements of an elevator pitch
that can make a huge difference. Remember to dress professionally, give a strong
handshake, maintain eye contact but don’t forget to blink, don’t smoke beforehand,
don’t use too much jargon, maintain personal space, be pleasant and
approachable, and try to relax. Some more tips for delivering a successful
elevator pitch are let it flow. You’re having a conversation so don’t try to
memorize too much. Try to naturally work the employer or organization into your
pitch and think about using your elevator pitch in emails or even as your
professional summary on your resume or personal profile. Now that you’re ready
let’s take a look at an example elevator pitch. Hello my name is Isabelle
MacGilvary. I’m a sophomore at Southern New Hampshire University pursuing a
degree in Marketing with a minor in Professional Sales. On campus I’m
involved in the American Marketing Association as well as a Professional
Sales Association. On campus I’m also known as an admissions student leader
and just recently got hired to be a Resident Assistant for the school year
2019 to 2020. For me I’m very passionate about helping people and providing them
the tools they may need to meet their potential. In high school I was awarded
the Presidential Community Service Award with highest level for all four years. I
hope to continue this passion through working for an international company in
their sales department as well as involving myself in the development of
my surrounding community. A few of my skills I’ve adapted through the years
are adaptability through traveling to different countries for school related
trips, critical thinking which I’ve acquired through my coffee shop job by
balancing several different things at once as well as making sure I’m
organized to ensure that I provide the best experience and service to customers
and finally leadership skills which I’ve acquired through years of leading
successful group projects as well as acting as an interim manager for the
summer 2018 at my local coffee shop job. Thank you so much for your time today
and if any positions open up in your sales department I hope you think of me.
Thank you.

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