Webinar The perfect pitch

Be to the point, don’t arrive late
and look neat. These are some elements
of the perfect pitch. I’ll talk about how you can
present yourself to an investor with Gertjan Tienkamp of the
crowdfunding platform Geldvoorelkaar Roy Spit, director of Qredits and
Claudio Gerardi, owner of Fietseria. Claudio.
-Hi, hello. Hello. How did your presentation go?
Did it go well? For me, it was easy to get a line to follow. So: where do I have to put this,
I have to find the right info. And how did it go?
Where you relaxed or stressed? No, I was a bit stressed, but… At the end I was sure that the idea
got good walue, value, sorry. Okay, so that relaxed you a little bit?
-Yes, that was my calm point. How did you prepare exactly? I wrote down a business plan,
which was not big. Just three pages. I put in the business plan some numbers
about provision. I also included some picture of the bike
because at the time people couldn’t imagine how pizza bike look like. Then, also I added
something about my private life which was my income at the moment,
which job I was doing on the time. So that was very complete. What important tips did you receive from
the Chamber of Commerce and Qredits? I received a lot of important tips
from these two entities. The first one, and the most important,
was a right form of business plan. From the Chamber of Commerce
I received marketing research which was specific for my field. Moreover, I received tips on
how to deposit my trademark because that was my biggest problem: How to protect my idea,
as such a new idea. They helps me a lot. So, they direct me to another association,
which is the BOIP. They help me also on how to
edit the trademark deposit. Okay, and did you also get tips like,
did you have to be a BV or not? Yes, this was another important question
on the time. Because I was working as a ZZP’er. And I asked if for the Fietseria
I should make a BV. But, luckily, they suggested me
to continue on that way. Then if the Fietseria would get value then you can transform it in a BV. Yeah. And Roy, what does
a good presentation consist of? Well, let’s say we visit all our… Or most of our applicants. When it’s an existing business,
we visit them at their business. When they’re a start-up
we visit them at their home. So, it’s very important for us to visit
the applicant in their own environment. What we see, I wouldn’t recommend to
open the door in your sleeping outfit… Do people actually do that?
-People do that. So, clean up the house
and make a cup of tea or coffee. And add pictures like Claudio did. And let
us feel that you really want to do that. Not that you’re on social benefits
and you say: ‘There was nothing else I could do,
so let’s start up a business.’ We have to feel that you fit
the business that you want to have. So, that’s actually
the main advice I can give. Be yourself.
-That’s a good tip. Do you have anything to add to that? At crowdfunding the presentation is online
and you present to investors. So, an investor decides in five minutes
if they’re going to invest or not. The story has to be very clear and simple. If you have a very difficult
or complex product then make a video, add some pictures. In that way an investor can easily and
quickly decide whether they want to invest. Is it about the entrepreneur’s likeability?
-Yes, it’s very much about the likeability. Investors at crowdfunding are about profit and are about the returns on their investments
but also: is it a nice entrepreneur? What’s the background,
what’s the motivation behind it? And, eventually, do I have a good feeling
with the guy I’m going to invest in, or girl? And you get goodies as well,
right, when you… Yeah, we do advise to use incentives like a discount
or a part of the product you’re willing to offer to your investor. Netherlands Chamber of Commerce has
also lined up practical tips for pitching. Personalize your presentation,
every investor is different. Explain why you want to start your business.
What’s your passion? Stick to the essence of your story. Practice your pitch with friends or
acquaintances and/or in front of the mirror. Keep it short and simple. Gertjan, in what way does a digital
presentation differ from one in person? A digital presentation, you can’t discuss
or get a reply to your investors. So, the story has to be very clear,
very simple, like you just said. But also must not raise any questions. What makes your bike unique?
-What makes my bike unique? My bike is unique because it’s
the biggest bike on the market. The biggest pizza bike on the market. You can find bike
capable to bake 200 pizza. Only getting your bike, cycling around,
stop on the spot. Put up your structure
and then you can bake 200 pizzas. The structure is a tent as well?
-Yeah, it’s a handcraft tent. All the system,
I have built it on my own. Wow.
-The only help I got for the structure was from a welder and from my father.
-Very good. That sounds unique. Roy, when entrepreneurs
present their plans at Qredits which is most important? Is it the numbers,
the story or the entrepreneurs themselves? When we have the plan and we’ve read it,
we want to know who’s the entrepreneur. Who’s the man or woman behind the plan.
So, the entrepreneur comes first. We get curious because we want to know
who’s the man with a plan for a pizza bike. A fietseria.
That’s the most important thing. So, the story and to know the story
we have to meet Claudio. Or we make a video call,
that’s also very common. To speak people on a WhatsApp. And then the numbers. You talk about the
numbers, you talk about the financial plan. I really would recommend to also
put some effort in the financial plan. Because we see a lot of people
telling a lot about the story but they don’t have the skills
to write a financial plan. And how do you actually find out
who you can work with or not, Gertjan? Well, a good entrepreneur
knows what he’s talking about. He knows his market, he knows his
branch, his bike. He knows everything. It really comes with passion
and convincement in their story and their business plan. What if you’re not so good at pitching?
What then? At Geldvoorelkaar
we help the entrepreneur to get a good pitch for the investors. So, videos, pictures
and a really nice presentation. But I think it’s not a very difficult way to get some help
if you’re not really that good in it. Do you agree?
-Yes, it’s not the main thing. What we want to do, is to meet
Claudio in his own environment. If he’s a good pizza baker, and if he has
the right skills like hospitality to sell them. And pitching is… I think for crowdfunding
it’s more important than for us. But I think you also help people with
writing a pitch, that’s not a problem. Let’s be honest, for a bricklayer it’s not the most important thing
to have a good pitch. If you are a consultant, we look at how you
pitch yourself, but that’s another thing. Just a small part of the market,
it’s very important to have a good pitch. You give tips for that as well?
-Exactly. Do you want to know from entrepreneurs who
want to start a business in the Netherlands why they want to do it here? Yes, we will always ask them. We want to know why they’re here, do
they have relatives or family over here? What’s the reason they come over here? Because we also want to know, what’s
the risk that they go back with a loan? We ask these questions and we
want to have straight answers. Did you practice your presentation,
Claudio? And how did you do it? Yeah, I practiced my presentation but only on the numbers side
of my business plan. Because for the rest,
it was quite natural for me. Because I built up
from the first screw my bike. I’m a pizza lover. Pizza is something
in my blood. You can say it like that. So that part wasn’t difficult for you.
-No. What would have done if you hadn’t
succeeded? Did you have a plan B or C? Yes, my plan B was just
to go back to my old job. Start to do a pizza again,
and pay back my debts. That was my B plan. Sounds like a good plan B.
-It is. Thank you so much for being here and
sharing your expertise and experiences. You’re welcome. We’ve come to the end of this webinar.
Thank you for watching. For more information
please visit business.gov.nl.

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