Vocal Chops like ODESZA – With Ableton Simpler, Little AlterBoy, and Elastique Pitch

what’s up guys
I’ve been trying a lot of things with vocals lately chopping vocals and then
messing with them with pitch shifts or format shifts something that just makes
these samples my own I’ve been listening to a lot of Odessa and I try to mimic
their sound in my latest song and use some of these vocal chops so I’m going
to show you how I did that today in just a few easy steps now where do you find
those vocals you can get stuff off of sample libraries I use splice comm or
you can record your own now I did two things on this song first I actually
used a sample that I already purchased and second I recorded my own vocals I’ll
play a little bit for you so you can hear what it sounds like in the finished
mix there are also some male vocals which of
the vocals that I recorded myself in the breakdown here’s what that sounds like now let’s see how I actually put
together those vocals now let’s start from the beginning I’m gonna start from
a brand new track I’m opening a MIDI track here because I’m going to use the
simpler instrument in Ableton if you’re using another dog you could probably use
a sampler so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to drop that female vocal sample
right in here from my splice library it’s this one I’m just gonna drag that
over and drop it into simpler and here’s what that sounds like and now that kind
of repeats a little bit through this whole sample in just slight variations
all I did is I want to slice and what Ableton simpler does is it slices it to
transients and you can adjust the sensitivity which is what I did so ableton does an okay job at slicing
it automatically but you can actually go in and slice it further to whatever your
liking is so if I want to use this sample here and I said and I want to
adjust the start point I can adjust the start point
and I can just the endpoint as well so let’s say I’m satisfied with the
different parts I have what I did next is I sliced two drum kits so i just
right-clicked this and I say slice two drum rack
sorry not drum kit drum rack now once you do that it takes all the slices that
you’ve created and creates a drum rack out of it so now you can play this the
really nice part is now you can adjust each of these slices individually if I
just have this one but I’m thinking well I need to transpose this because in the
hook that I have in my mind I want this note to be higher so I can transpose it
right down here that’s just transpose one up and go many
up there you go so you can play around a lot just with simpler but I wanted to
try out some other tools with this song and I tried out two plugins the one that
you may have already seen in one of my videos it’s by soundToys and it’s the
little altar boy plugin so now if I apply little altar boys of this slice I
can change the format if you lower the format it sounds more like a male voice
if you make it higher it sounds more female or if you make it too high it
sounds like a chipmunk but I’ve lowered it a little bit let’s
hear that slice again much lower now if I wanted to I can
change the pitch and the format together let’s try that I’ll put the pitch up by
one what I really like about the little altar boy plug-in is that you can also
add Drive it adds a little nice little something now in addition to the little
altar boy I also tried out another plugin and it’s by Z plane it’s called
elastic pitch I’m gonna add that here as well and I’m gonna turn off little altar
boy now I didn’t actually purchase this plugin I just have the demo so you might
see demo flash and the sound go in and out a little bit the link down here
links the tambour and the pitch so now if I move this they’ll both move
automatically because they’re linked let’s hear that slice again raise it
again now if you wanted to adjust these independently you’ll turn off this link
and now I can adjust the temperately and the pitch separately so I can keep the
pitch where the original sample was and I’ll change the tambour and it sounds
like this so you hear that elastic pitch does
something different it also has a delay built-in and the feedback on delay so but other than that there were some very
interesting sound results that I got out of using elastic pitch so I did like it
if you’re willing to spend one hundred and ninety one dollars and twenty one
cents then elastic pitch is a really nice tool but for just getting some
vocals to modify a little bit I really like the little altar boy little altar
boy is currently $99 and the z-plane elastic pitch is one hundred and ninety
one dollars and twenty one cents once you’ve used either one of these tools to
adjust your samples then you’re gonna actually play the tune and that’s what I
did here so here’s the finished tune that I came up with by playing this drum
rack then what I ended up doing is recording this to the track here so I’m
just dealing with an audio file now let’s take a look at the male vocals now
these are the vocals that I sang and then I sliced up chopped up and then they appear also in the final
chorus let’s hear what the original sounded
like she says but I also think I never met someone who was worth before okay it
sounds like absolute like nonsense what am i singing where did I get this from
here’s an interesting thing if you’re gonna sing your own vocals and you don’t
want to write lyrics so I had this magazine lying around and I just picked
an article oh yeah hey you actually use this one it’s still open and I just sang
in the key of this song whatever came out using the words of the article and
the article says but don’t be fooled the giddy highs and lows of singledom are
fast becoming a distant memory I just picked random sentences and I started to
sing them so I just sang like a whole paragraph out of here threw it into
simpler and then just started messing around with the slices and now when you
hear it playing those pieces are no after I found the slices that I liked I
wanted to change the way it sounded a bit so I added auto-tune just to get
those right on the notes and also have a little bit of that auto-tune effect and
I compressed it then I started adding the little altar boy and what I did with
little altar boys I just changed the format to sound a little bit lower so it
kind of ended up sounding like really like someone else she says and then after that to make it
sound a little nicer in the mix I added echoboy jr. I added the cheap tape echo
preset then I added the little plate which is another soundToys reverb IEQ
the lows out so I’m just keeping the highs and that’s it ended up sounding
like this and I was really happy with how that sounded so there you go that’s how you can
create nice vocal chops for a song like Odessa but you know what when I finish
this song I didn’t feel like it sounded like Odessa it sounded like me kind of
sounded like something I typically create and that’s okay too
no matter what you learn from other people your sound is gonna end up being
your sound make it your own get your style out there and share the
stuff that you make if you like this video hit that like button and subscribe
don’t forget keep making the music that you love I’ll see you guys later

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