University of Waterloo Recreation and Athletics

Fitness isn’t only about working out. It’s about the lifestyle you live. Whether you’re an absolute beginner at something or you’re an all-star, Waterloo recreation has something for everyone. Here at Waterloo, we actually have two different athletic facilities. We have the PAC which stands for Physical Activities Complex and as well as CIF which stands for Columbia Icefield. So, between the two we actually have a lot of different amenities. This includes things like a swimming pool, we have an ice rink, we have a turf field, grass fields, and a bunch of gym space where you can go either to work out or take some classes. Outdoors club is a community of people who really like doing things outdoor. So, members usually organize camping trips, hiking trips, canoeing trips. Intramural sports are a great way to meet a ton of new people and also have fun, and it’s a good outlet to take your mind off school. There’s a ton of sports offered for intramurals. For example, we have basketball, we have squash, we have ultimate frisbee, soccer, hockey, and many more. Fitness is very important to me because I really enjoy working out and it allows me stay healthy and happy. The Shoe Tag program is a way for students to take part in classes and activities throughout the term. The instructors are super fun and energetic, and they really want you to maintain good form, while at the same time learning something new. Fitness and conditioning is important to me because it allows me to meet new people and try new things. From clubs to Shoe Tag to intramurals, Waterloo recreation has something for everyone, so come check us out!

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