Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Toy Train Sky-High Bridge Jump Playset Toys for Boys Kinder Playtime

Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) (intro music fades) Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Welcome back everybody! What in the world do we have today? Whoa! Check out this awesome Thomas and Friends track. Holy cow! Is so awesome! Today we have the Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Sky High Bridge Jump! Yeah, holy cow and he does jump, doesn’t he? Yeah! Are you so excited? He goes all the way up there and goes all the way down jumps across and then keeps going. Oh my goodness! Wow, look at Thomas! He looks different from the shows. Yeah! He looks a little bit angry doesn’t he? He’s like really. Oh, really? What do you think Emily? He looks kind of silly, doesn’t he? Yeah, but he has crashing things over here. He has crashing things on the side? Okay, let’s check it out. Those are scrapes. Oh yeah, he’s got like scrapes and sparks. Hmm. Looks like he’s going really fast. Yeah! Yeah, and he can’t stop! Ahhh, I can’t stop! (crash) We also got Harold! Yeah! This track set came with Harold the helicopter! Yeah! He’s an awesome helicopter. So cool! Ahhhh! (crash) Thomas! That’s not very nice Jacob, can you tell me what this track does? Well, you start it right here. And there’s eventually a switch right here. And you don’t want to go this way unless you want to put another track, but you want him to go this way. He starts under this tunnel. Ohh, so he goes under the tunnel?
Okay He goes up here and does a double loop. Oh, wow, that’s a lot of loops. Okay! Cool, okay. He triggers this switch that lets Harold know when he’s ready to go. Whoa!! That’s so cool! So Harold takes it to the top and then what happens? He falls down! He goes down and jumps! Woo-hoo! (mechanical noises and track sounds can be heard) To reset Harold, you just pull him down. That’s pretty easy. Nice! So after that, he just goes really fast down. Holy cow! That’s a huge jump! Think he can make it? I don’t know. Do you think he can make it? Yeah! This is two feet! Holy Cow This thing is as tall as Emily. (Kinder dad laughs) That’s so cool. This kind of gives us a demonstration of how far the jump is too. Holy cow! It’s almost as long as Emily. There’s also a barrel at the end.. Oh, what does it do? You can just okay, so it just kind of rolls. Okay, and then you can push it and then pushes it off the track. Ohh, I like it. Harold! Come get the special, special. Whoa! Awesome! Does he have a hook on him? Holy cow, he does! See ya, Harold! That’s so cool. Are you guys ready to get this party started? Yeah! Okay. Ready, set, go! Here he comes I hope he doesn’t fall in the water! I don’t either. Do you think he’s Gonna make the jump? Yeah! Okay, here. He comes. Oh, he’s going up this loop. Woo, buddy! Oh my goodness gracious. Oh here he comes to Harold. Do you think Harold’s gonna be able to carry him up? Oh my goodness, there he goes! He needs a little bit of help. Oh there he goes. Oh, he’s gonna jump! Whoa! He made it! Holy Cow, Thomas. I want to see that again. What do you think? Okay, here he goes. Woo! Let’s do a top view this time. Here we go. You think he can do it twice in a row? I hope so! Oh, I hope so too Woo, there it goes. There he goes! Okay, Harold had trouble the first time. Can he do it this time? Here we go! Oh, Oh, He did it! He did it! Yay! (Emily screams) That’s so cool! Here he goes again. Okay. Oh man, Thomas is so brave. Who wants to be like Thomas? Me! I do! Man, I don’t know if I could do what Thomas is doing. He’s got some crazy air. Oh reset. Reset it. Oh no, did he make it? There it goes! Good save, Jacob, good save. Here he goes! Ohhhhh! Whoo here he comes again. I hope he doesn’t fall either Okay, here we go. Whoa! (Kinder dad laughs) He’s gonna crash? What happens if you don’t reset it? Let’s see. Let’s find out. I don’t know. I Don’t know either. Oh! Nice! It kind of, it stops him. That’s pretty cool. Whoa! You trying to hit Thomas, Jacob? He’s jumping. Thomas landed backwards! (everyone talks excitedly) Okay, here he goes. Oh, here he comes. Here he comes. He looks grumpy, He looks grumpy. Oh my goodness, there he goes. Oh, you got him. You crazy boy! Ahh! Whoa, that’s so cool, Reset, reset, here he comes! Okay, here he comes. You better reset it, Emmy. Okay, here. He comes. Coming up! Oh he’s coming. Woo! Okay, it looks like we are setting up with some of our favorite trains. So we have lots more trains. Let’s see if it can can handle more than just Thomas. You ready? Okay, Toby go! Go! We already got a crash over here,. Okay, Toby. Okay, Toby. You probably got lots of crashes. That’s a lot of trains. Oh, Oh, Emily fell off. Okay, Toby. Oh, it’s working. He’s working Oh, Toby! It worked! Oh my goodness you have a crash car here. Okay, here comes Emily! Okay, here it comes! Nice job, Emily! Woo! Oh my goodness. We got lots of crashes over here! Is that Thomas? That’s Thomas, okay here we go. Here we go Is this James next? Okay, here’s James. Okay, here he goes. Lots of wrecked trains at the bottom. Oh, okay here we go. Here we go. And, boom! Nice jump, James. And we got Percy. Come on Percy! Okay ,here we go! Here comes Percy. Woo, go Harold! And jump Percy! Nice jump! Okay, Emily again. You must love Emily! Here we go! Choo! Okay, who do we got next? Hero! Hero! Come on Hero! I think Hero’s my favorite engine. He’s pretty cool. Here he comes! Let’s see how well he can jump? Here we go, Harold! Here he goes! Here he goes! And? Woo! All right guys. What did you guys think of this Thomas and Friends set? This was awesome! It’s really really really really cool. What was your favorite part? My favorite part was this… Was the jump? Oh yeah, the jump that’s pretty epic. Really cool. How about you Emmy? What did you like? I liked this going up and then this part over here. Okay, so you like from Harold all the way to the jump. Awesome. Yeah, this was a really cool set guys. Anyway, we appreciate you guys watching! Thanks for watching! Bye!!!! Leave us a like, write us a comment and “Sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, Bye!

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