The Season: Ole Miss Softball – Showdown In L.A. (2019)

[dramatic music] The 2019 Rebels are full of new
faces. With that change comes new
challenges, like the first road
trip, or the first hit. Or the first time
competing on the big stage. For this team, the
opportunity to prove itself is too good to pass up. [dramatic music] Los Angeles is a city
where dreams are made. It’s also where the 2019 Ole
Miss Rebels are looking to make a name for
themselves. The only problem is one of
their toughest opponents yet is standing in their way, the
flu. Well, it’s day one out here in
California. Got up at 2 o’clock so far
we’re down eight people have thrown up, have a fever,
got the flu. You’re rooming with someone if
you’re sick or not sick so basically
half of us are like quarantined and the other half
it just– Sickness is everywhere,
you gotta be prepared. All the pitchers are
wearing their face masks out here, perks of being in
the outfield by yourselves. I can breathe fresh air finally. I do feel a little nauseous,
but it might’ve been from breathing in a
face mask all day long. Probably, and you just ate too. Yeah. Oh, four for four! [upbeat music] Mine, mine. Mine, mine. Mine, mine. You out of breath already? No, never. Mine, mine. We’re just down a bit. Down a bit? Yeah, aren’t we supposed to
have like eight outfielders? Mine, mine. Oh, replace the divot! That’s a big one. My gosh this is huge. Game winner, so when we get done
we win. And we won. We lost. Dang it. My name’s Kylan Becker,
and I’m the outfield diva. No shame. Told ya. No shame. She has no shame, she’s the
outfield diva. Even though diva might be a word that Kylan Becker may agree
with, for those that know her, there isn’t just one
word that describes her. She has a quiet confidence about
her. She’s fun lovin’, but
she’s all about business when she steps between the
lines, it’s about business. Bubbly, fun but yet she can be
quiet when I first met her she was
pretty shy but as I’ve gotten to know
her she’s opened up a lot and she’s hilarious, I love her. Kylan has a lot of grit. She may say that she’s a diva,
you know she likes her things her way. She has everything like her warm
up and everything her way but she
really goes out there and gets after
it. Gets ahold of that one, and that one is a home run, a
slap shot over the center field fence
to get Ole Miss on the board. Hard hit ball to second, then
throw home, not in time, Gracie Majem will
score. Kylan Becker does the job. A lot of times there
are not a ton of RBIs. Oh my that hits the chuck,
this is gonna be an RBI. Maybe an inside the park homer! Look at Tocks fly, Becker’s on
her heels! Becker’s gonna do it, an
inside the park homer! She’s a laid back individual
that loves this game she loves her teammates,
she really loves her family. Her personality is exactly what
we want all our athletes to be
like and just give us that Ole Miss culture here. When I committed to this school I was committing to Coach Smith and he hadn’t even coached here
yet so kind of just on his word of how he would turn this
program around. Us doing that kind of
helped create the culture that we have now because
everyone else that comes in kind of
just follows on our lead. Although Kylan Becker will no
doubt go down as one of the best
players in program history, she didn’t always love
the sport of softball. My dad forced me to go play
softball. I did not want to play, I
actually cried. I think I was supposed
to do a tryout one time and he bought me all my gloves
and cleats and everything and I threw a tantrum and
said I did not wanna go so my mom convinced him to let
me not. And he told me that I better
go to the next tryout. So I think the next year I had
to go and the rest is history, now
that’s the only sport I play. With softball not on
her mind at a young age, she would succeed in gymnastics, earning two national
titles in 2002 and 2003. When I was little, so the 18
months, that was like Mommy and Me
classes so when your mom holds your hand as you walk over the balance
beam and all that, whatever. And I ended up just really
liking it so my parents kept me in it and
gymnastics is one of those sports that
you get really serious in at a young age because you’re
better when you’re younger. It was like my entire life,
I would be there from four in the afternoon to nine
at night as a little girl. Did you know that she was a two time national champion in
gymnastics? What? [laughs] That doesn’t sound
real, that’s incredible. I didn’t know that. I did not, really? Yes. I can see it, yeah. I did know that, and
she’s just a pure athlete so that doesn’t surprise me
that she was a top gymnast. I definitely was all about
gymnastics I actually got a mental
block, I would have to go see sports psychologists
and stuff for it. It’s just one of those things
where for some reason you
just can’t go backwards, don’t know why, but if a
coach is there to spot me even if she wasn’t actually
doing anything I just needed that,
knowing somebody was there and I could do it, so it
was really frustrating. So I think that’s why
my parents weeded me out and would be like hey let’s
go to soccer twice a week and then gymnastics the rest of
the week and then it was soccer and
softball. And then eventually it was just
softball and yeah, so playing softball
was not the original plan but
it’s what worked out. Not only did it work out for
Becker, her continued progress
in the sport led her to being selected to the
United States national team. To compete for team USA at the
Japan All-Star Series in Tokyo. That actually wasn’t a goal of
mine. It was one of those things that
you think is too far out of reach that you just don’t really plan
on it. It was Coach Smith that
was like hey I really think you need to go to this tryout. And I was kind of just like
alright, you want me to I’ll go. We’ve had a couple of
conversations about what that experience was
like and she’s been able to let our players know what it was
like so it’s just special
for the program to have. She’s passing along everything
that she’s gone through everything she did for that. I think it’s just a great
opportunity for everyone on the team
here, we can learn from her and even just watching what she
does she’s just a great role model
all around. I mean we all look up to some of
the girls that I got to play with
so some of them are like hey what did you learn from for
example, Natasha Watley was my coach and
I remember looking up to her when I was
little, ’cause she’s a slapper and
I got to take some notes from her and I think that’s
something that some of the other slappers
are like hey, what did she tell you? She’s a role model, she’s an
ambassador, not only for the university, but
for the game of softball and just
for family. I’m proud to be able to be
called her coach and a friend. Not many have been able to
accomplish as much as Kylan Becker has in
four years. Perhaps the greatest of
those accomplishments came in 2017 when the Rebels
won the SEC tournament. We’ve been preseason
ranked like last every year and now we’re number one, so go
Rebs! One smiling. Kylan’s one of those
kids that I don’t think will ever be forgotten in our
program. You know, she’s kind of that
main stay kid that she’s been in the starting
line up pretty much when she
came in as a freshman. Kylan is the type of person you wanna be, she’s the
player you wanna be, just her attitude, her effort. When I think of our roots and
our culture and things like that I
really think of Kylan and the things she does for us. I think it’s really special
being here for the first at Ole
Miss because I think that we kind of appreciate
it a little bit more. It’s always the first
one’s always the biggest. So I think that being able
to be a part of the first I think makes it all more
special. [sentimental music] [upbeat music] So this is the flu epidemic of
2019 with Ole Miss softball. So we are making sure nobody
else gets it in the entire inland empire,
basically. Flu crew. Don’t get too close. [girls laugh] Why did we bring so
much crap? [both laugh] We have so many things. Autumn, you need to clean your
cleats before the game still. They’re getting a little dirty. Not up to standard. We’re gonna look good,
we’re gonna smell good. They’ll be like who’s that team
comin’ in? That’s Ole Miss. Guess we found the towel that
Molly stole from the training room, I
don’t know how long ago. It’s always the pitcher. Molly, your bag has never been
this clean. Yeah. My bag? You need to wash that
towel that’s in there. Oh no. Also you need to return
the towel that’s in there. I forgot! On behalf of the cleaning
crew of the flu epidemic of 2019, we advise the
children get slick– Or get sick. We’re out. [whimsical music] [upbeat music] [girls talking indistinctly] But we’re here at the fire
station, McKayla’s dad let us come and
hang out with them for a little bit
and then we’re gonna go tour I think it’s the Lakers’
practice arena? I’m not sure, it’ll be cool. We might see LeBron James,
we don’t know so stay tuned. I did bring a shirt for
him to sign so we’ll see. Might cry, I don’t know. [upbeat music] This is Ole Miss softball team. Oh nice. They are here visiting
they were supposed to play at the LU, it got rained out. And our neighbors the El
Segundo fire department is housing them for dinner
tonight for Valentine’s Day and they
said could they come over, I said
absolutely. [electronic music] LA, baby. Are those M&Ms good? Speechless. Hey, sorry you guys
couldn’t see everything but we got to tour the locker
room, their team area, and it was a
lot of fun, super cool stuff and we had a
blast here. [electronic music] [upbeat music] [girls talk indistinctly] How are ya, welcome back to my
channel. Hi everyone, it’s Mena cam
again, we out here livin’ Cali
life with my Cali girl what’s your name? Gabby Alvarez, everyone. Gabby Alvarez. Miami mommies, me and
Kylan Becker over here. And you know, we’re just
gonna do some shopping. Vlogging! First date, vlog one. Vlog one.
Welcome to vlogmas day one. It’s vlogmas, hi how are ya? Basically ’cause I need more
piercings. We’re gonna go find a map. This is gonna be Savannah when
she gets her ears pierced. [laughs] Is this a look? Yes. ‘Kay, scream just for like the
camera. Yeah, scream. Just be like ugh! Start crying, just start crying. You’re gonna go viral. Ow. [girls laugh] Shopping trip successful.
Stay tuned for more stores. More stores have come. [upbeat music] She’s crying, she’s bawling. Oh my God.
Baby. [sobs softly] It doesn’t look good on you.
[girls laugh] Hi, how are ya? Welcome back to our channel. This is the mood, this
is the look, right here. I only have a slight problem. It says 88 dollars on here. [girls laugh] I got it for 88 plus tax, okay? Wait a minute, that was 350
dollars? You gotta tame the mane.
But she got it on sale. We have ways. Oh, it’s on sale for 79 dollars. Kylan was like I don’t
have the cash for it and she goes I can give it to
you for 79. And Kylan’s like should I do it? And I was like yeah. I was like oh I didn’t
bring money with me. Did you know they suckered you
into it? That’s what they do. Yeah. Yeah. Don’t stab anything, get
stabbed. [girls gasp] This thing is rigged. It makes it so you drop it every
time. They just want your money. Conspiracy theory. Well everyone that was Mena cam
again. We hope you enjoyed our
vlog, like, subscribe, comment, turn your notifications
on for our next video. Stay tuned. Peace from CA. [all laugh] [dramatic music] Getting that first game
against Loyola Marymount rained out it could’ve
been a blessing in disguise even though we wanted to play
just because it gave us another day to get
healthy. We all kind of got to relax, you
know take a second to heal ourselves and get back into the mind of
things but the girls that did get sick bounced back so hard and so
tough and by game time you had no idea that they were sick at all. It was finally time to play. Although the Rebs were raring to
go the UC Riverside Highlanders
were looking to make a statement to the Rebs
early on. [upbeat music] Let’s go! [girls shouting indistinctly] The Rebs would be able to hold the Highlanders to only two
runs. But Head Coach Mike Smith wanted to make sure the team kept it’s
focus. Come on now let’s swing the
bats, let’s get ourselves back
in this ball game, alright? Settle down, relax, settle
down, relax, play our game. We have seven at bats, let’s go
c’mon. [girls agree indistinctly] [dramatic music] [girls cheering] [indistinct shouting] Anytime a team jumps out on you they throw the first punch, you
know the key is throwing that next
punch back. They knock you down on the mat, you get yourself back up and you
go. Kylan came in, led us off with
that triple and really just kind of threw
that punch and got us going and I think
that really settled us down a little bit,
maybe took a little bit of pressure off. I definitely think it gives
the team some confidence that we can score a lot
of runs on this team. And that as long as we hold them
to two that we could still win. With Kylan safely at third base Kaylee Horton would waste
little time sending her home and putting the Rebels on the
board. In the second inning
Jessie Puk would tie it with a big shot out to left
field. Get outta here! Atta girl, good job! Honestly at that at bat, when I
hit it I literally think I took
off running to second ’cause I was like did
this actually happen? Did I actually hit that? It was just kind of a sign of
relief that trust in my swing, trust in
I’ve done over the past year and a half or
so to build up to this point. Jessica has worked extremely
hard over the off season, over the fall and into the
spring and so being able to see her
swing the bat like that was a huge part of just
kind of validating herself and the work that she’s put in,
and I was really happy to see that
ball leave the yard. For us as a team, but as well as
for her. From there, Riverside would take
the lead once more in the third inning, but it would be all Rebels from
there. Adding nine runs in the
remaining innings including two bombs. [dramatic music] [crowd cheering] Get outta here! Atta girl, good job Finn. [dramatic music] Well I think Brittany
attacked the zone a little bit you know after that shaky first. I think that was the important
piece. Is the Kylan Becker triple, the
home runs and then just that
offensive explosion I think really settled everybody
down and kind of got us on what Ole Miss softball is
about. [crowd shouting] Yes! [crowd cheers] Good job Syd! Hey, just enough, good job. [all wishing good luck] They always wanna come but they never wanna leave Exes, and the oh oh ohs they
haunt me. [girls laughing] In good spirits, after winning the first half of a double
header, the Rebs would now turn
their attention to Cal Poly. One, one, one [girls cheering] Yeah Katie! Yeah, atta babe! Yeah three oh! [crowd cheering] Cal Poly would respond in the
next inning with two runs of their
own, for Coach Smith there was no need for panic. You know it was the
first inning we were down so we had a lot of at bats left. In the end if we can come
through this and play our good softball
we have a good chance to win. Allowing only three hits and zero runs the rest of the
way the combined pitching
efforts of Ava Tillman and Molly Jacobsen would put the
Rebels in a great position to
take control of the game. Between the two of them
they did a really good job of keeping the game close
and giving our offense an opportunity to put up
more runs than they had and give ourselves the
chance to win the ball game. And I’m just proud of
what our pitching staff was able to do in that game. [dramatic music] [girls cheering] Go, go, go, go, go. [girls cheer] [girls shouting indistinctly] [dramatic music] [upbeat music] It’s still alive, it’s chirping. He needs some sugar water. Oh, he’s moving! Oh my God, oh my God he’s
moving, good! I told you, he’s just tired. Bye buddy, did we name him? With Mother Nature taken care of the Rebels would hope to be less
kind to the Beavers of Oregon State. They knew that it was a power
five and it was a pretty
good opportunity for us to kind of gain some momentum
going into the UCLA game. It was a good opportunity
for us to play well and go out there and show ’em
what we got. Like our big, first game out
there. She’s got power. Power, power in the hour. Why you gotta be lookin’ at me,
man? Cameras. ‘Cause we’re in Hollywood, is
that why? Okay I guess I’ll be a movie
star for one day, short-lived. Let’s go Molly. Yup. You ready? Yup. Born ready, I like it, good
idea. [rake scraping ground] Whoo, we’re ready to play ball. Grounds crew! [dramatic music] C’mon Beck, here you go Beck! Hurry up! C’mon, get down, down, down,
down, down, down, down! [crowd cheering] Becker! [speaks Spanish] Good, hurry up, hurry up, hurry
up! Right here, right here, good. High or slow in front
you gotta score, got it? Okay. Let the pass ball. Go, go, go, go, go, go! [crowd cheering] [dramatic music] Our offense philosophy is we
wanna throw the first punch, and I think we were able to
do that, and by doing that it puts a little bit
more pressure on them. Remember, we’re never
gonna be non-aggressive to the strike zone, never
ever, ever, ever, okay? She’s throws you a strike first
pitch, you gotta attack it, does that
make sense? Two strikes, we’re lookin’
to hit the ball away don’t cover too far off the
plate. That ball you’re swinging
at, they’re way inside get hit by it, but don’t swing
at it. That make sense, be
aggressive in the zone. [crowd shouting] C’mon, c’mon, c’mon,
c’mon, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up we gotta score,
gotta get dirty, dirty, dirty. [crowd cheers] [crowd jeers] Good, let’s go! [dramatic music] With the lead in their grasp the left arm of Molly Jacobsen
flooded the Beaver line up
throwing seven strike outs and allowing only five hits. I think a lot of things were
working. I felt like I was throwing
pretty hard. The defense behind me was solid. And then our bats really came
alive. Molly did an unbelievable job in
that game and again, another keepin’ the
game close. But our offense did enough. Good, ring her up!
Atta baby! Good win against PAC 12 school now let’s frickin’ get
another one tonight, kay? This is what it’s about,
playin’ the number one team in the country, okay? Play the game, no pressure,
we just go out there and play. Have fun, right? We’ve been having fun
all year long, alright? We’ve had fun this
entire weekend, let’s go! No one’s expecting us to win
this game. Let’s frickin’ shock the
world tonight, alright? Let’s shock the world, alright
let’s go. Rebs on three, one, two, three– Rebs! Great job.
Great job Molly! Brittany Finney would take the circle for Ole
Miss. Two years ago in a losing effort she pitched the complete game. Allowing only one run on four
hits the now senior pitcher knew
what to expect going in. Going in thinking you know,
knowing I was gonna pitch that game I was
really kind of my mind kept flashing
back to the game before that we played at supers
and you know I thought there was a couple things
I wish I would’ve done. Things like that, I knew
I was gonna be pitching against one of the best
line ups in the country. So I really just tried to warm
up, get my head on right, and make
sure I had everything ready to go. Throughout the first couple of
innings the Rebel defense would hold
strong. C’mon Finn! Nice!
[crowd cheering] She looks good, good job! Nice spot, nice spot Finn! Good job Finney! [crowd cheering] Nice job Finn! So we’re in the nine hole,
so you’ve seen ’em all, that’s what they’ve got, okay,
nice job. Opportunities would not be
scarce in this contest for the Rebels. In the top of the third
Ally Mena would put herself into scoring position
with a lead off triple. But as quickly as the
opportunities came they would just as quickly go
away. [crowd cheering] I thought we didn’t run the
bases real well in that
situation, kind of caught us off guard a little bit, I
think she was going back instead staying where she was
and had an opportunity to go. I think she left a little bit
too late for making that attempt to go to
the plate but again, young teens sometimes
you make mistakes early. Sometimes games like that,
you’re really gonna win with one or two runs
so you really just need to make sure that when
you do get those runners in scoring position that
you execute in that time because it might not happen
again. UCLA would act fast cashing in on an RBI base hit in the third, and another in the fifth inning. Being unable to cash in
on early opportunities put the Rebels in a hole they
would not be able to come back from. Losing four to zero to the
Bruins. We had our opportunities, and we
kind of squandered those away a little
bit. We didn’t capitalize. But that’s what good
teams do, good teams do they capitalize on your
mistakes. And we just have to do a better
job of making sure that we
don’t make those mistakes for teams to capitalize on. Some opportunities got
away from us a little bit but I think that was
definitely the biggest learning experience for us, you
know? They’re a great team, a top team that’s definitely gonna
end up in the top eight. And going up against
them early in the season really was honestly to our
benefit ’cause it gives us the
opportunity to learn and to say okay, here’s
what we did against them, here’s what we can do
against everybody else to make sure that the outcome
is in our favor next time. But I was happy with the
way we played in that game. It wasn’t a game that we’re
gonna hold our heads down and say hey we didn’t come out
and compete ’cause we competed from start to
finish. I think we just, we didn’t
take care of the ball in certain situations and kind
of let that game kind of
separate a little bit. I think that’s something that
we’re really working on now, is just making
sure that we protect the ball
because we’re a good team and we should be winning all
these games and it’s just a matter
of protecting the ball and not beating ourselves. The game against UCLA,
the Oregon State games, even the game against Boise
State, really just gave us that
opportunity to play those close ball games, to put
ourselves in a little bit of a bind, give us a
little bit of adversity and a way for us to fight out of
it. And that’s what young teams need
to learn, so we can mature ourselves
to become a better ball club. [sentimental music] Hey MTV, welcome back to my
crib. What is up you guys,
welcome back to our crib. I’m gonna take this off. Oh, goodness. I would fail the one minute
test. It’s gonna take me about
15 minutes to get dressed. See all our cars?
Those are all ours. Also all of ours. All those cars? That’s not a big deal. Yeah, that’s my fire truck. That one in there is
hers, that one is mine. Obviously we know whose is
better. Save me, I need oxygen. Here we go, you ready?
And go! I’ll save you! Oh, look at that! These are all of ours. We drive these like on a
casual day, but, I mean, typically like on weekends we’ll
get in the big one, you know? I keep my Ferrari in the garage, I don’t like to take it out too
much. We don’t want to like make
people feel bad, you know? So we just kind of hide
it, put it to the side. I’m running to the fire! They’re leaving me, they
don’t know what they’re doing. I guess they don’t need ya. They’re not gonna save anybody. This is where I like to
take out my anger, you know? Sometimes I just take a
sledgehammer and just go at it. I literally said this is what
happens when we let you drive. And this is why she lost
her driving privileges. That’s not true, it’s a
lie, don’t believe it. But you didn’t hear that from
me, cause apparently that’s kind of
mean. Safety first. Gonna take y’all on this fire
truck tour through the city, it was super fun, super fresh,
and, have a great night.

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