The Pitch

… synergy being the
name of the game, and we will work in tandem
with you and your team creating a partnership
rather than giving directives on your campaigns. You know, I have
to say, so far you sound an awful lot
like the other agencies that we’ve talked to. We want someone who can
get results and have the numbers to prove it any
time we pick up the phone. Oh, of course, they do. Late nights here we come. We’ll be ready at
the drop of a hat. I want to know exact numbers
on performance for every penny that I spent with you. Is my sleeping bag
still under my desk? You name it, we’ll get it. I’ll need to
postpone that vacation. Adios Cozumel. If we can’t be sure the
campaigns are working, we’ll switch to another agency. We can, and we’ll be
certain that what we’re doing will fully optimize spending
and maximize your ROI. Ah. Jessica just quit. We’re going to have to hire
and train a new media planner. Anytime? Day or night. Been a while since
I cried at my desk. I guess I’m due. I’m impressed. Thanks for your time. We look forward to
hearing from you. Well, that was bittersweet. I think you nailed
the sale in there, but I’m going to have
say goodbye to the life outside the office. Easy, Trevor. We ditch the spreadsheets. We’re operating on
Bionic Media Planner now, so we won’t skip a beat
getting her the info she needs. Yeah, but what if– Even if someone
rolls off the account, Bionic allows us to get what
we need right when we need it. Goodbye, sleeping bag. Hello, new account.

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