Squash tips: Mental tricks to close out matches with Peter Nicol – Dealing with a bad decision

If you get a bad decision, how do you
recover from that and then how do you also then look to win your match from
there. There’s two ways to do it, you can either start spiraling upwards or
spiraling downwards. We’ve seen it in lots of different players in all sports,
you know, Jonathon Power was a great example, when he got frustrated and angry
he actually got better, Jansher Khan when he got frustrated and
angry got better, someone like John McEnroe got better, but then there’s the
millions of examples of everyone else who when they get angry and frustrated,
get worse which is me as well. So how do you take a bad decision and make it work
for you. So for me it was always about internalizing everything. So I get a bad
decision and I’m frustrated, I’m frustrated that I put myself in that
situation to get that bad decision, I’m frustrated with the referee, I’m
frustrated with my opponent because I feel like they wanted
this decision, they’ve really worked it, so all these things are
frustrating. So how am I gonna turn that into a positive for me? Well what I’m
gonna do is, I’m going to basically speak to referee briefly about what happened
and that gives me time, to take time to like calm down, to start thinking and
processing, so it’s like “why was that, why was that decision?” I really
would like to know why it happened, I don’t feel like it was.
I feel like this happened, referee makes the decision, play on, okay, so you got to
play on, but you’ve given yourself ten seconds, you’ve given yourself some time
to just calm down and to think about what you’re doing. And then, as you’re
preparing for the next rally, was he right? Was it a bad decision or was it just
perceived by decision, whatever it was, doesn’t matter. Where did you put the
ball, what was the situation and then, let’s make a mental note not to do that
again. There’s one area you’re not gonna put the ball again and if it was a bad
decision, the chances are, you put the ball in a bad area and then your
opponent took advantage of it and whether or not the next one was the
right you were able to get to the ball or anything like that is irrelevant. You
probably hit a bad shot to get yourself the bad decision. So now you made a
mental note not to do that again, you’re omitting that shot potentially from the
rest of the game or certainly for the next period, so you’re immediately going
to play better squash.

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  • December 23, 2018 at 3:01 pm

    Honestly, this channel needs more views. Squash is an underrated sport.


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