SPORTS VISITOR PROGRAM | Julie Foudy Camp 2019

I always felt when I was playing that the
great gift of sports was all the things that teaches you. About life, about confidence, about adversity, about.. finding your voice.. and… I felt when I retired
from playing with the US team that we weren’t talking about that enough. And so
a small group of us came together and said… could we create something that talks to young women about the power of sports? In our home place, is that there’s
no chance for girls to participate in sports of which is they seem like girls
are frail they can’t do anything, but.. through this camp I came to realize that
even girls are able to do something and come up with their own views that are important in society. I think… when we came here and you get to meet all those different
people from all around the world. At first it was quite hard to see how
different they are, you don’t know how to talk with them, how to communicate with
them, is there something you can say or you shouldn’t say… but, I mean when you
get closer, when you get to know them you kind of understand that they are just
like we are. When I go back to my country I would like to run a workshop session
and to show my peers and young youths there that there’s a way you can
overcome the challenges and there’s a way that you can keep yourself busy into
it which is sports. To get yourself busy in it and not to evolve in other
situations like drugs which will lead you to more troubles, problems in life. I think it’s great for different cultures to come together because it makes you
step outside your comfort zone but also it takes you out of your bubble. So your
world gets a little smaller and your family gets a little bigger. To come
together in this sense where you’re just here to play football, to learn, to grow,
to get better, to be a leader, to find your voice… and.. to figure it out
alongside someone from a completely different country and culture.. And sharing that experience and that feeling of getting out of your comfort zone is
super powerful. And all of a sudden now we’re gonna leave as sisters. As one. As people that have come together and experience this and lived this and now we
share this common bond. And… that I truly believe is what changes worlds and
changes the world for the better is an understanding of each other. you

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