Sports Medicine | #Turn4TheBetter

– We love our sports in Kansas City, but injuries can happen. That’s why HCA Midwest Health
Athletic Trainers partner with pro and local teams to
provide care on the field, coordinate treatment, and educate athletes on training safety techniques
and concussion management. (snaps fingers) Whether you need an ER now, with the shortest wait times in the area. Or you need a specialist without weeks or months of waiting to be seen. They have a game plan for you. So whether you’re on the ice, (snaps fingers) or a soccer field. With HCA Midwest Health by your side, you won’t have to wait
months to see a specialist for assessment, treatment,
or rehabilitation. (snaps fingers) It’s nice to know that
if an injury happens, someone at HCA Midwest Health
is looking out for you. With over 150 location that proudly serve the Kansas City area, you’re never far from the region’s leading
healthcare professionals. Because the ball should never be dropped when it comes to getting our athletes back on the field of play as
quickly and safely as possible. HCA Midwest Health, we have
over 150 locations in the area. Visit

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