Softball – Molly Jacobsen Interview (01-07-19)

Molly, I guess I’ll start off
by going back to December and the coaching
change situation. How do you feel about that? We’re just right now
not focusing on the past. We’re just looking forward
to the season. I think we’re going to have
a lot of success and a lot of fun
together as a team. What’s kind of been the biggest
change with the new coach? Really not much. It’s Coach Felix
so we’re comfortable with him. We love him.
We love Coach Schuette. We’re just really focusing on
coming together as a team and just focusing
on what’s ahead. When did you all realize there
could be a possible situation with Mike and him being here
or not being here? Like I said, we’re not really
going to comment on that. We’re just focusing
on the future. How hard is it to keep that
focus after all that’s happened? I think just going home
for Christmas Break with our families and coming
back for this New Year, I think coming back
it was pretty easy. We have a lot to focus on ahead. And, I mean, coming back
with the girls, it’s been really fun
starting practice today. How’s the chemistry on the team? We have great chemistry. We’re still family. We’re really close,
and it’s amazing. I know Ruben said,
before you all left for the Christmas Holidays, he didn’t get a chance
to meet with you all as a team. But did you all meet as players
or anything and talk about the situation? Not really. I think we all just went home,
spent time with our families and came back refreshed
and ready to go. When you talk about
coming together as a team,
what has to happen? Where do you guys need to work
early in the season to get where you want to be? That’s a good question. I really don’t think —
like, I think we’re together. Like, I really don’t think there’s a whole lot
we need to work on. It’s just getting out
the little kinks on the field, like physical things,
hitting, pitching, fielding. Our chemistry
is great right now, so I really don’t think
we need to work much on that. Are you a hundred-percent
healthy now? Yes, sir.
Okay. How has it been working
with Kim Schuette? I mean, her first time here
as pitching coach and something
that’s needed obviously. We love Coach Schuette. he makes every day
in the bullpen different, and it’s a lot of fun. Lots of new drills. Yeah, she’s been amazing.
We love her. Can I ask you what you’re seeing
out of Savannah Diederich? I guess the odds are to kind of
probably be your sidekick in the starting rotation
this year, and what have you seen
out of her in the fall? I love Vanny.
She has filthy stuff. She throws really hard.
She’s amazing. I wouldn’t want to be a hitter
against her personally. But we’re really excited for what she’s going
to bring this year. How different is it without
[inaudible]? It’s a little different,
but she’s still on staff, so we get to see her a lot. And if we ever need help
with anything, we can go to her, and so she’s still around, which is really nice
to have her around. Tell us a little bit about
this class that’s here, this 2019 that got here
in the fall, and what you think they can do
to kind of help out. I think they’re
all super talented, so I’m excited to see how — I think each
and every one of them has potential to help us
a lot this spring. They have really
great personalities. They’re talented, and they’re just overall
really great individuals, so I’m excited to get to play
with them this spring. Some people say the second time
for the SEC for a pitcher is a little bit more difficult, because you were kind of
an unknown quantity, at least at the front-end
of the year last year, not a lot of film out there
on you, things like that. How do you tweak yourself
getting ready for that now that everybody in the SEC knows
who you are and what you do? I think it’s just trusting
the process and all the hard work
that we’ve put in, as a staff especially. I’m not going to worry
too much about it. It’s my last year
playing softball, so I’m just really
going to have that confidence and just try to have
a lot of fun with my team.

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