Snap Score: What’s Your Number?

Hey, what’s your number? Nah, not your phone number—
your credit score. To get the things
you need… and want, you need your credit score
to be as high as it can be. It’s like your own
personal financial rating. Your credit score
reflects who you are— your purchasing power,
your payment history. And if you get too much credit
too fast, that’s no good either. A bad credit score can stop you
from getting an apartment, a car, or even money for college. So, how are you going to build
a good credit score? Keep your spending
under 30% of your limit. Always pay on time. Even if you can’t pay in full,
send what you can. And never get too much credit
too quickly. Only you know
what you can handle. The credit history
that you’re building right now will be with you
for the rest of your life. Your future you thanks you. So, what’s your number?

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