Pre-Athletic Training | Maryville University

Athletic trainers are
allied health professionals that focus on the safety
and well-being of athletes through both preventative
and rehabilitative practices, on the field and in the clinic. Here at Maryville, our
goal is to prepare you for the rigors of graduate
school as an athletic trainer. When you are a part of our
pre-athletic training program, you’ll get opportunities to
experience the day-to-day life of athletic trainers through
both on campus observations, and with our community partners, as well as with extensive
hands-on work in the classroom. Another unique aspect of our program lies in our concentrations, where specialty courses are
built by industry leaders. Our focus is on making you
a world class practitioner, through field experience, course work, and a culminating practicum, you’ll be prepared to be
successful in the workforce during your education and
immediately after graduating. If you’re interested in
pre-athletic training, take the time to schedule
a visit and come on campus. (calming music)

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