Pitch It – Example PR Pitch

AO – Hi everyone, my name is Ashleigh and
I am a third year PR student here at USQ SR – and my name is Sam and I am also a student
here at USQ. AO – We are going to give you a quick example
of how to tackle the ‘Pitch It!’ competition. Our problem was a little different to yours
– we had to create some public relations ideas for the RSPCA to increase the number
of adoptions of homeless cats. The key here is to tell a story and make it interesting
– so here goes! Every year in Australia, hundreds of kittens
are born to unwanted homes due to irresponsible owners and a lack of education about desexing
their animals. The problem that is faced with the RSPCA stems
from the fact that our feline friends are undervalued in Australia.
Cats have higher rates of cruelty and abandonment, they are often not reclaimed from shelters,
desexed or microchipped. The first thing we have to find out is who
we have to talk to. By Googling, we discovered that it is usually
the mum in the house who decides to adopt a cat and that these people were usually aged
27 to 40 and had young children. So then we sat down to work out how to connect with these
people. From this research we found out the best way
to connect with our target publics… *We called it the ‘Happy Endings’ campaign!
It is a campaign designed to find loving, forever homes for our feline friends by influencing
attitudes related to adoptions from shelters. For the ‘Happy Endings’ campaign, we have
developed three main strategies called ‘I Heart Cats’, ‘Double the Love’, and
‘Young at Heart’. They are all designed to achieve the main aim of increasing the
public’s knowledge and attitudes towards cat adoptions.
The ‘I Heart Cats’ strategy is an adoption awareness campaign which consists of a *fee
waiver to ease the financial burden of adopting a cat. We combined the promotion with mass
awareness in order to reach our target publics, by using tools including display advertising,
posters and social media. We developed the fee waiver tool as mass awareness reaches
a large number of people which we can educate about cat adoption, while also giving them
the incentive to adopt a cat at a reduced price.
The other tool used to promote this campaign was a *speed dating afternoon on Valentine’s
Day in Brisbane to help participants find their perfect cat. To add to the ambience
there will be romantic music and some subdued lighting. Members of the public can choose
to go on a mini-date with a number of cuddly cats looking for loving new homes. For those who can’t make the event, *Petbarn
Adoption Centres will be involved and the public can visit their stores for a speed
dating event on the same afternoon. This would assist people who find it difficult to get
to the RSPCA animal shelters. Everyone who attends the event will receive
free entry to a prize draw to win a romantic dinner at a 5 star Brisbane restaurant.
The ‘Double the Love’ strategy aims to increase cat adoptions through promoting a
reduced adoption fee when taking on a pair of kittens aged up to four months. The reduced
price is aimed to influence people thinking of adopting a kitten to adopt two kittens
together, thus doubling the number of adoptions! We will be holding a speed dating afternoon
to promote this campaign at the RSPCA Animal Shelter in Brisbane on International Twins
Day. The aim of this event is to get people to meet some adoptees and also to attract
national media attention. We will engage celebrity twin couple – TBA
– to attend the event to encourage media attention. They will attend for a half hour at the commencement
of the afternoon’s activities to help bring in a crowd.
The ‘Young at Heart’ strategy waives the adoption fees for all senior cats aged seven
years and over. *We also added a 25% off discount for life for all vet consultations when adopting
an adult cat. This strategy is aimed to increase the adoption of senior cats by easing the
financial burden. The tool used to promote this campaign will
be another speed dating event held on National Seniors Day. To encourage attendance at the
event we would secure appearances on *Sunrise during the weather report where the presenter
attends the centre and interviews the staff and shows some of the cats. *We will also
promote on 4BC radio which has listeners in this demographic. We would set up a booth
for 4BC to do live crosses to the event. The tools and strategies we developed for
this campaign all had the same aim of increasing knowledge of cat adoption. *It is important
that they all worked together to create one mass awareness campaign to influence attitudes
related to adoptions from shelters. SR – What we have presented is an example
of what you can do for the ‘Pitch It’ competition. Be creative and let your imagination
go. AO – Good luck with your entry and have fun.

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