Parent U: Boost SAT Scores for Free (English)

Wanna step up SAT scores,
sometimes by hundreds of points for free? Use Khan Academy. “I started doing it
after school, before practice when I go home, over the weekends and everything
and it was just like okay, it’s working.” Christine, Boynton Beach High School track
athlete, used the resource. It offers free instruction and test
preparation to all students, teachers and parents. How it works, you sign up on Khan, take some practice quizzes, link existing PSAT or SAT test scores if
you have them and you get personalized practice questions to help you focus your study on areas you really need. Recent data shows on average, 20 hours of
Khan Academy practice can improve scores by 115 points. Khan Academy helped raise Christine’s score 400 points to reach 1150. “When you find a student, who has the
ability to do better and find mechanisms or tools to enhance that
learning process, it makes the learning process that much easier and she found
success.” Hard work and the SAT practice from Khan Academy helped Christine hit
her stride and earn a college scholarship. Her advice, keep practicing.

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