1 week and am running my halfmarathon How do you feel – Are you Ready? Well..Its hard My butt muscle is hurting so much Its not easy… but I will do it Whats the hardest? I dont know.. JUST KEEP GOING Running is a huge part of my life since I was kid If I think back… during primary school I was already memeber of the athlete team Where I was 100 meter runner Since I was kid I was running Sometimes more sometimes less When I decided with my girlfriend to we will run a halfmarathon then the whole meaning of running has changed I was putting up the question – Why are we running? Happiness of running, when you complete your planned distance then you start to feel that your body is alive and you are capable to complete what you have planned I think there is no such a feeling Running is a huge power If you dont feel good, after running you feel much better huuhh..Its really started to snow.. 20th of March, 2018 Officially I have started The Training for my first half-marathon Today the starting distance is only 4 KM I will complete it 3 times this week So my weekly target is 12 KM As you can see the weather in Finland is not so supportive Its snowing so much windy as well but definetly it will not STOP me With full of my heart I want to prepare and train for my half-marathon I really want to complete happily and in good condition this 21 KM Lets start running and kick this 4 KM Szabi also come to run with me today Today it was raining so the air is really fresh 13 KM done So beautiful morning Today I planned to run 18 KM Today is 15th of May the weather is so beautiful Already after 23:00 but still so much light.. Its so hot today Am running in such a beautiful place ahhh Fuck it!!! I need to prepare for that 21 KM There is so many good running trail There is happiness, I found my running shoes I was just saying there are not many runners I will run my first real communal running race Today I only run 10 KM but after couple weeks I will run 21 KM so today is a warm up runnig for the half marathon am so excited that I cant even talk.. Am just running the 10KM in Tampere Such an amazing feeling We are running in a beautiful area We ROCK it – a bit thirsty 😀 I was runnig so fast So many times I got goosebumps You know there are so many people standing all the way on the trail I was the only who was screaming and they supported me always I did it 10 KM under 48 min Unbelievable It was hard Definetly worth all drop of sweat and tears Its really exciting to think that 3-4 month of hard work and training is here right now In this moment That I will run my first Half-marathon The weather is really awful Not really supporting but is not stopping us because I WILL RUN 5 minutes to START Finally this day arrived and am running my 21KM Its raining as hell so is not easy but am so happy… I am crying 10 km in half way Come Honey You did it – Cant belive it OMG on the last 1 KM I was dying 13th of October We are here now in Helsinki, in Vantaa Because I will run now my second half-marathon Its really hard to say how do I feel now am a bit disoppointed that in the last 2 weeks I havent run so much so am not expecting a world record but I want to run it happily and without any pain Today I will run under the Nr.1018 The weather is pretty, real autumn So its gonna be a good run Did you see how I sprint in the end I felt I was not ready in mind Its so hard When did you realized that you want to give up ? …After 4 KM The begining was so hard How was the route? Its was all right but quite boring many long sections How much is 3×4 ? 12 In the end Now my butt is burning as hell My hips as well.. Burning Now its time to go home have a shower and eat a good sushi You were running for this, right? How do you feel is it good to run 2 race with short time off? I guess It was a good lesson to keep enough time between 2 race But I say its definetly worth it despite that I really wanted to give up during this run and still complete it such a big victory for me This whole runnig is so hard but I say its hard and you need to invest a lot of time willigness and power but in the end when you arrive to the finish line that feeling you cant express I was running so much in Sept more than 105 KM You need to invest lot of time but in life if you invest time you will get the result Next year … Do you continue? Definitely I closed now 2018 It was really successful I was participating on 3 running events I feel 2019 will hold lot of new challenges and running for me I am planning to run in Hungary, in Paris and of course in Finland In Paris I will run in Disneyland Hard times Man, the meaning of the running is freedom

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