Missouri S&T Athletics: A bold new look revealed

[ANNOUNCER] And here they are! [CHEERS AND SHOUTS AS BAND PLAYS S&T FIGHT SONG] [CHEERLEADERS] S and T! [Mark Mullin] What most people feel it is to be a
Miner is to be determined and tough. And, we felt like this refresh has put us in
a position where we have made the mark stronger and looked more determined and
will also give us the flexibility of being able to utilize the mark in
various ways that before was quite challenging. We didn’t just meet with a
group once we met a couple times. We had revisions and got to the final outcome One of the really good things about it I felt like was that this was no direct cost to Missouri S&T,. This was all funded through the licensing program that we have. During the process we did look at Joe Miner and of course we don’t want to radically change anything about Joe. We love Joe. Everybody does. We did make a few minor changes with the original Joe Miner, with making some darker strokes just to make it more useable and as far as the graphics go. We really focus our
program around three things. Obviously, academic excellence is very important to us and athletic excellence is important but also service to others in community. We’re teaching our student-athletes to be determined and tough like we want
the brand to represent and to prepare themselves in those three areas so that
when they leave this institution they’re ready to go out in society not only be
successful that make a difference.

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