Meet Head Squash Coach Pat Cosquer

I’m excited for the future of the Hobart and
William Smith Squash programs, I’m grateful to the support of the alums and faculty and
staff and Deb Stewart and Brian Miller for bringing me here… and I’m just really excited
to get going! I just see a lot of potential here at the
colleges for the squash programs, obviously there’s a storied history both that fish back
and Tim Risky worked really hard to elevate the status of the programs, there’s some really
good players and some really good support from alumni and faculty and staff and I just
love to keep that going and to make us even better. I think coming here you can see how athletics
are important and how winning athletics are important as a professional, as a coach in
the middle of my career I want to be a part of that and squash we have a really good opportunity
to be just with those other teams right with those other teams on that same level of competition
and we travel a lot, we play some division 1 schools as well, we play some scholarship
schools, some ivy league teams, some NESCAC teams, it’ll be really great when we get to
the point when we beat some of those programs. We talk a lot about coming together more,
we’ve talked a lot about the culture within each program and then as a squash program,
obviously the two teams are separate teams, Hobart and William Smith are two separate
programs, with two different histories and all that, but one of the things we talk about
a lot is we can’t begin to move forward if we are not together as a program and we trust
each other and have good strong relationships within our programs. So first is learning about each other, respecting
each other, you know, coming together as a group and then moving forward. We also talk a lot about academic performance,
it’s a really important part of the program, we’ll get there on the court competitive wise,
but we need to come together first. I’m just really looking forward to helping
our young student athletes grow as people, the entire student athlete, right, they go
through a lot here, there is a lot of rigor and stress and pressures and I want them to
enjoy their squash experience and I also want them to enjoy their time here at HWS, if you
haven’t been involved in the program in the past few years I invite you to come back out
and join us and watch a match when we’re on the east coast or where ever we travel because
the future is really bright. I love to recruit, I love to get to know young
people and travel the world and travel the country and I’d love to be able to bring more
diversity to HWS and bring more students from the west coast and from the mid-west and from
outside of the United States to the program, I think that really helps the student experience
and the student athlete experience because it helps us win some squash matches as well,
so I’m really looking forward to helping the colleges with diversity through squash. So I’m at the point in my career where I’m
a builder, I love to build and grow and develop and we are just getting going and I try to
be more patient but it’s hard to be patient at my age but i think that’s the beauty of
this, we’re growing and we’re building together, I’m super excited about the future because
we have young, committed student athletes that are really talented and really want to
grow and want to get better, and I just want to help and enable them to be the best they
can be on the court and off the court and we’ll get there at one point in the season
and it will be really exciting when we do.

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  • January 30, 2020 at 3:38 am

    Great stuff! Looking forward to more HWS squash wins! ­čÖé


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