Le pitch de Prévision.io, la plateforme automatisée de Machine Learning

Hello, I’m Florent Laroumagne, I’m one of the co-founders of
Prevision IO. Prevision IO is a very new
startup that was founded in September 2016 and specializes
in artificial intelligence. We run an automated platform
based on machine learning that aims to process all predictive
use cases for companies. For example, you want to know if
a customer is going to leave you for the competition, we can tell you. You want to know if a machine
is going to break down, like a train for instance,
we can tell you. The cloud is essential for
innovation at Prevision IO. Machine learning requires a
huge amount of computing power. Unfortunately, we are not in
a position to buy our own servers, so we need
the cloud for all our development, all our computing
and mathematical optimizations. Prevision IO is a French startup and, in the world of data that is
dominated by big American companies, we
defend sovereignty. We were chosen by AI France
and for us, it is really important to be able to work
with a French company like OVH. For us, joining the Digital Launch
Pad program is a real opportunity. We don’t necessarily have the
resources, as a young startup, to have our
own infrastructures. So the cloud credit offered
by the Digital Launch pad gave us the chance to make
our first developments, have servers at our disposal, set up our infrastructures,
test clusters and especially test the GPUs that came out
not too long ago at OVH. You probably know that
neural networks are highly resource-intensive when it
comes to graphics cards, and so we need to do these tests
in advance before starting to produce
our application. We will win the Awards because we
were created less than a year ago, we are a very young company with good
visibility and we are accelerating. We have joined Station F, we were chosen by the Echos
newspaper as one of the 5 most innovative startups at
Vivatech, we worked with voyages-sncf.com to boost our business,
and for us this would be the opportunity to be recognized
once again, thanks to OVH.

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