Journey of Excellence Athletics

(music) (ZOE) A journey of excellence, to me, is learning skills along the way that are going to help you in life. And just continuing to grow and continuing to learn instead of stopping in one place. (MAX) A journey of excellence, to me, means working hard everyday in order to better myself. And PVSchools is helping me along this journey. (music) (MICHAEL) I feel like being a part of athletics definitely helps you define yourself as a person. It builds some character. It teaches them some discipline. Teaches them how to work in a team atmosphere. (ZOE) I do believe that athletics are helping me on my journey of excellence. It’s pushed me to be more active at school just in general. I can support the others girls on my team and what they are doing in school. And they can support me and what I am doing in school. And it just makes school feel more like a family and a community for me. (MICHAEL) It gives you the strength and, I feel like, the confidence to learn to be yourself. And to learn to push for your goals. And to build the strength that you need to be successful in your adult life. (JOEVANNI) PVSchools has helped me throughout my journey of excellence. Coaches have helped me make adult-like decisions in order to be successful in life. (MICHAEL) It’s not just about winning. I think it’s about the total person. Us teaching them about to be competitors. But us also teaching them to be humble. Learning to win with a certain level of humility and also when you lose with a certain level of humility. (TOSH) Someday sports will end for everybody. And when you show great respect to the other team and great sportsmanship and positive behavior to the other team. That’s what they are going to remember instead of the wins and loses. (music) (MICHAEL) Which in my opinion makes them a much better man or woman in real life when it counts. (music) ♫ One. One. One art, one shot, now the future is yours, go! ♫ ♫ Yeah, I was building on a lecture.
Verses coming daily under pressure. ♫ ♫ Workin’ on a plot and a scheme. The true stock, trademark, Is at the edge of your dreams. ♫ ♫ I’m talking one. One chance at best, yes. Painting pictures for the culture keep the brushes fresh. ♫ ♫ We flipped the color work the drummer passion never rest. ♫ ♫ Freedom is our teacher. Under pressure now we blessed. ♫ ♫ See how the show goes ♫ ♫ Yeah. It’s one art, one shot, now the future is yours, go! ♫ (music) ♫ It’s one art, one shot, now the future is yours, go! ♫

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