Hurdle Agility Drills & Tips for Great Hurdling : Stadium Hops & Lunges: Hurdle Agility Drills

So now we’re here on the stairs, we took it
from the grass. We’re still doing some plyometric routines here. This one, were going to do
three, I’ll show you three. The first one is called double leg hops. The second one
is called single leg hops and the third one is called lunges. Now double leg hops and
single leg hops is pretty much just simply building strength in the legs, your power
in the legs. Your loading your leg to have that momentum when you get on the track and
when your running on the track your using a lot of speed and agility, but plyometrics
are simply to build power and to load your legs and to build the muscle that’s going
to take you through a good hurdle exercising and ultimately competition. So the first one,
double leg hops. Simply your on the bottom of the stairs, arms to the side, you load
up like a spring and you jump and as you jump your arms come up with you. It’s simply to
help you with balance so you don’t fall over, okay. So double leg hops and you just keep
going, you don’t stop and for single leg hops, single leg hops similar thing except your
on one leg. Same thing with your arms, range of motion, up and you do one leg at time,
single leg. See you want to go all the way up the flight of stairs one leg and then walk
it back down and then go up again with the other leg. So as your first starting you might
not be able to make it all the way up, but as you get stronger your building up that
stamina, you should be able to make it all the way the flight of stairs. With double
leg hops walk down, single leg left leg, single leg right leg and then the last one that I
mentioned is called vertical lunge. So what your doing is your going in a vertical motion
because the stairs are at an incline and your going to skip two stairs. If your six feet
tall you probably might be able to do three, but if your about average size person you
want to do about two steps and what your doing is your simply building up the muscles in
your hamstrings and your quads are getting a good stretch with the leg that’s behind
you. So your simply opposite arm, opposite leg again, up and you want to lift. You really
want to lift with the lead leg that’s in front of you, so that your quad is getting the maximum
amount of a workout going, okay. So again down like this, up, down, up and as you can
see also my calves are even getting a good workout in there too. So sometimes you go
to the gym and you have weights and you do those lunges, well this is in exchange for
weights as well your doing the vertical motion. You can get that maximum range of motion as
you go up and that will again transfer over to the track when your running and your doing
your exercises. Okay, so that’s double leg hops, single leg hops and vertical lunge.

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