How to Make Kitchen Sink Food and Drink’s Butternut Squash Lasagna Recipe

Hi, my name is Brian Arnoff we’re here at
the kitchen sink in Beacon, New York. We’re going to be making a Butternut Squash
Lasagna inspired for a Thanksgiving meal. We’re going to start out by making the fresh
pasta. So we’re going to separate a bunch of eggs. It’s going to be about 10 eggs worth of yolks. We’ve already weighed out the flour, we’re
using a mix of high-gluten flour and semolina. So we’re going to take our flour, form a little
well, toss our eggs in the middle and mix this up. Making this pasta is just kind of a little
bit of a mess to get started but once you kind of get all the flour and egg yolks combined
it’s gonna start to come together. What you’re looking for is the dough to start
becoming elastic, a little bit shiny, and as you work it it’s going to get really stiff. You know a lot of times you could let this
rest for a little bit but we’re going to go straight into rolling the pasta dough. We have our pasta roller here, probably want
to take about half the dough to start with. This is probably the most important step of
the pasta making process. We’re building up the gluten and it’s one
kind of yields the nice final texture. So we’ll put it through a couple of times
on each setting as we go down. And as you can see the dough is really starting
to smooth out. You want a dough that you can almost see through,
that’s the thickness that we’re shooting for here at Kitchen Sink. So we have a cookie cutter and we just cut
the sheets out. We’re going to cut our lasagna into individual
rounds. So that each person gets their own lasagna. We’re just going to stack all these lasagna
sheets up on a tray. We’re going to quickly cook the pasta before
we layer it into lasagna. And fresh pasta cooks basically in a minute
or two. And that’s pretty much it. We’ll set these noodles aside while we start
the rest of our components for the lasagna. The lasagna itself is vegetarian. The onion and pecan component is kind of an
attempt to mimic meat filling. So we got a couple of Spanish onions, then
we’re going to dice them up. So we just have a saute pan, a little bit
of olive oil and then we’re going to put these on a medium-low flame and just let them slowly
cook down. This process probably takes about a half an
hour for the onions to cook down and caramelize. So our onions have cooked down and we’re ready
to add the rest of the ingredients to this filling. We have a little bit of butter, about a tablespoon. And then we’re going to add a cup of chopped
pecans. Pecans for me is one of those ingredients
that you have to use at Thanksgiving not just in Pecan pie, it’s great for savory applications. This is some sage I actually brought down
from my farm in Hyde Park and we’re just gonna kind of do a quick chiffonade. And we’re gonna chop up a little bit of thyme
and add that to our pan as well. And then we’re gonna add some hard cider. So we’re going to deglaze the pan, this is
some cider that’s made locally with local apples. Next, we’re going to make our bechamel, so
we have some local milk and some local cream. We’re going to use about a quart of dairy
altogether. To the pot, we’re gonna add bay leaves and
some shallots, salt and a little bit of pepper. So we’re going to get that going on the stove
we want to get that heated up. While that’s heating up we’re gonna build
our roux. So for our roux, we have some butter and then
we’re gonna add some flour. We want to just cook the roux until it’s blonde. We’re gonna grab our milk mixture and we’re
gonna slowly add the roux into the milk. We’re gonna let it simmer until we get it
to the consistency that we want and then we’re gonna finish it with some parmesan cheese. Next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna brown
some butter so we have some butter in the pan here, we’re gonna throw some sage in there
so that the flavor of the sage is gonna be in the butter. And then we’re gonna use this butter to puree
our butternut squash with. So the final component, maybe the most important
component of our butternut squash lasagna is the butternut squash itself. We’re going to cut both ends of the squash
off and then we’re going to take the neck of the squash off, cut the neck in half, and
cut the bottom in half. You’re gonna want to seed the squash. We’re gonna take all the pieces of the squash,
put a little olive oil on them, season them with salt and pepper, and we’re gonna let
it roast for about a half an hour until the flesh is nice and soft. As you can see it’s all nice and roasted the
flesh has started to get soft. We’re going to take the flesh off the skin,
and we’re going to put it in our blender. So next we’re going to take the squash that
we got in our blender and puree it with some of our brown butter. So we’re gonna build our lasagnas in individual
ring molds. If you’re gonna do them in a ring mold, do
not skip the step of greasing the ring mold. We’re gonna start our lasagna with two sheets
of pasta on the bottom, then we’re gonna add some of our brown butter squash puree and
a little bit more cheese. We’re gonna layer in another sheet of pasta
and a layer of our nut filling topped with a little bit our bechamel. So we got another layer of pasta, and you
can kind of build this in as many layers or as few layers as you want and then we always
like to put a little bit of bechamel right on top that keeps the pasta from burning and
also creates a really nice, cheesy topping along with some parmesan cheese. So we’re gonna pop these in the oven. We’re at about 350 degrees and we’re gonna
let them bake for about 20 minutes. So the lasagnas are ready to go they’ve got
nice and brown on top. You wanna let your lasagna rest for 15, 20,
30 minutes. That makes it much easier to unmold them. We’re going to put a little bit of our parsley
and rosemary garlic pesto down on the plate. Very carefully we’re going to slip this guy
out of the mold. And we can garnish it with just a little bit
of parmesan cheese. And there you have our butternut squash and
pecan lasagna, perfect dish for Thanksgiving!

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