How to Build a Pitch Deck in Minutes (Slidebean Review)

I always like this sales process.
When it comes to giving presentations and showing slide decks to your clients to
sell them, there are a couple different schools of thought. The sales process
that we like to follow is call #1 is more of an informal back and
forth where we’re going through discovery questions and gaining
information and then call #2 is the proposal presentation.
During that presentation you take the learnings from Call #1 and deliver a customized
proposal to the client. In today’s video, I want to take one of our proposals that
we’ve used at Lorelia pictures – which is our video production agency and turn it
into a well-designed presentation that we would give to the client on call
#2. Throughout this video we’ll talk through some of the selling process and I’ll show you Slidebean which allows you to create these simple and
beautiful slides. This video was sponsored by Slidebean. The link is down in the description below. So here’s Slidebean. They have a few different templates here. Let’s create an account. I’m just gonna use my Linkedin here. Okay, that was pretty easy.
One button to create an account And they have a few different
pitch deck templates here like this Airbnb pitch deck that we can check out.
Oh this is a really cool experience. So you create the outline in the app and
then when you want to design it, that’s when you pay so you create the content
here. Cover, solution with some of this content down here. It looks like it
automatically puts it in. This is actually cleaner than something like PowerPoint which I like. I like that you don’t actually have to edit it on the
slides itself and then here’s the design part of it and then you can unlock the
full experience by paying here. So let’s create an actual presentation and I’ll
run through what these proposals should look like or what these presentations
should look like. All right. Create new presentation.
We’re gonna use a template to make it a little easier Actually, I think we should use the
Airbnb template and customize it cause this is pretty close to what we’re doing.
So it has 37,000 uses, this is by far the most popular template on Slidebean as
well so let’s run through this and I’ll use this great life hack which is – if you
want to copy two things, instead of using two monitors just move each tab over now it’s like your screen is split in half. Wow! Title- The Future of War and then I’ll probably put 90 minute observational
documentaries. So I’ll put a little tagline here -Mediation. Mediation is the key to world peace. So that’s added now. You can see the design is updated
already, you can change the colors too so let’s make the colors a little different.
I like Phoenix, cool and then everything kind of changes to be that and then
we’ll get the logo here and then we’ll just turn the logo off.
Mediation is the key to world peace.
90+ minute observational documentary. So the way I like to structure proposals is actually really similar to what they have.
The problem and the solution, so we’ll write Problem – most conflicts are solved using
the oldest tactic known to man – going to war. This is costly for society both in terms of money and human life. There has to be
a better way, it’s kind of cliche but that’s okay.
Problem – War is hell.
Solution – Using modern technology nearly all conflicts can be solved using mediation. I don’t want to change these icons so I’m actually gonna use these default
icons and I’ll write a new one for this documentary based on these icons here
but Slidebean does have a vast selection of icons that you can pick. International communication has never been easier it says save money and
human life by solving conflicts using words instead of weapons work together as a human society. Instead of destroying the world through
fighting. Something like that and then the design here. We got the solution and
then what I want to do is, let’s talk about the documentary. The Movie let’s
say The Future of War – The Movie and then I’ll delete some of these paragraphs.
They make it very easy to do that. Deleting the content block here, we just
add a paragraph and I’ll say logline here. Logline, so we’re just adding sections kind of like we do in the proposal here. It’s a lot of
text because this is more of a leave behind. Usually in presentations I’ll
recommend just putting pictures and things like that. But for a leave behind,
something that you’re gonna be running through on a call once and then giving
to the client to have, it’s better to have more information here. Especially if
it’s a proposal type presentation like this. You want to make sure a lot of the
info that’s in this proposal it’s in this presentation and they make this so easy.
So that’s basically – you run through, you create all of this.
I could do this whole thing but I think you guys get the idea. What I would do with the rest of
this is – create all this other information. So the potential interviewees
and we’d have pictures of all these guys Tom Bonds, Ben Rhodes, Samantha Power, Kenichiro Sasae, probably each with their own slide. Then over here we’d have a
slide for style, a slide for execution, Similar examples and we have the movie
posters with a little bit of text underneath. Then bios of the team, bios of
the production team, the little about us section. Then we’ll go through the
production process and the timetable- 7 months. The cost of the film
which is a 100k and we’ll have that all outlined here. Let’s see how easy this is,
so right now I’ve got the rest of the filler, it’s still Airbnb but we’ve got
the first few slides. Here’s the problem. We’re in our little Airbnb logo up here
let’s make sure to not off. Slidebean also has built-in backgrounds, we can pick different backgrounds. Still sad because of the war. At the
preview here and you can see the slides outlined. It’s very clean the way they do
this. Very very clean. Got the logline, Future of War and then you can see the
outline of the product this is all the Airbnb stuff but Slidebean lets you
do all of these cool animations. You see everything’s bouncing
all over the place, I love that. They’ve got the bullet points here. Very well
done and then the team section this is where in our Lorelia Proposal we would
have our team here. I like this. And then to share it, its pretty easy. You hit share but you got to pay for that. With Slidebean. Then they make it very easy and you
can share the slides there. Thats my review of Slidebean. If you need
something to create interesting proposals to sell to clients, this is a
good tool check it out. If you want the proposal that we use at
Lorelia pictures, I don’t think it’s this exact one but it’s a similar one to
this – you can get that at
It’s not in a presentation format though it’s still in the text format. You can use that as a
basis to sell for your agency. Share this video with somebody you think would get value and I’ll talk to you later.

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  • December 24, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    Always get great ideas from your content. Also, really like the changes you’ve made to your website. What team are you using, it’s so clean and simple and straightforward? Merry Christmas and happy new year 🙂

  • December 24, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    Great video once again Alex! I just finished writing up a proposal for a real estate agent that is looking to build a chatbot, landing pages and run facebook ads and it turned out to be 16 pages long going into detail of what we do in each and every phase. Would you recommend creating a simplified presentation for the next call or do you think I should just shorten the proposal document? I almost closed him on the first call for $5000 + $3000 setup fee but he wants to actually see on paper what it is that we will be doing. In your old video about proposals you only had two pages so I'm not sure if I should cut it down..
    Anyways.. thanks for sharing and merry christmas!

  • December 24, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    Thanks for the info on squarespace. I really like the design and how clean it is. We’re about to redesign our website and are inspired by what you have created.

  • December 26, 2018 at 9:01 pm

    hey, wow.

  • April 21, 2019 at 7:00 am

    2:15 press and hold the green window expand button in the top right (red x is close and yellow is reduce) then you create two windows on any Mac OS


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