Garnet Athletics Hall of Fame 2014

– Good evening again. (laughs) And thank you as well for being here. My name is Connie Hungerford, and I’m very glad for the opportunity I have to meet people on
this kind of occasion. This is probably one of the fitter groups of alumni that I’ve interacted with. And I’m, as I said, delighted to be here, this kind of gathering is
probably the funest part of my job as Interim President this year. As Gil noted, this is our
third Hall of Fame banquet, it’s also the first
formal dinner of any kind in this wonderful brand new facility, the Match Box, for which the
ribbon cutting is tomorrow, and some of you can
look forward to telling your children and grandchildren then, when they finally enroll at Swarthmore, that you helped christen this facility. The Match Box represents
the college’s commitment and the values that define athletics and competition that Gil mentioned. Tonight we are focused
on how it will support Garnet athletes, but it also provides much needed space dedicated
to our theater program, and it’s an ideal venue for
various community events. Perhaps most importantly, this facility represents the
college’s strong commitment in accordance to their strategic plan to the pursue of wellness and fitness. So from yoga to Zumba classes, to health fairs and information sessions, with licensed nutritionists, to the first floor fitness equipment, the Match Box will help our entire community,
students, faculty and staff, realize important wellness goals. And finally, before we turn to dinner and then eventually
the induction ceremony, I want to emphasize that
this night is not just about what young college
students accomplished here as athletes, it’s also about
what they went on to do on behalf of their communities
and for society as a whole. And so as we recognize their
accomplishments on the fields and courts and in the
pools of competition, we also thank them and
lift them up as models, as ambassadors, for Swarthmore is now a 150-year-old mission to serve the world. So I thank you all and hope
you all enjoy the dinner. (clapping) – At this point you probably heard that this is a brand new building. A wellness, fitness and theater structure and this is the first official
event in this building. It is not even open yet. So, we are the ones christening it indeed. Thank you President
Hungerford for your words, and Gil Kemp for your words. For those of you who don’t
know, Gil Kemp is a runner, cross-country and track,
during his days here. If you check the record
boards and the field house you can see his name still
prominently displayed up there. But this is a night to
celebrate the third class of the Garnet Athletics Hall of Fame. I’m awed by the level of accomplishment that you reached the Swarthmore athletes. It’s an exceptional place with an exceptional history of athletics that truly rivals the best. In the 130 plus years that
students have represented Swarthmore athletic competition, we’ve witnessed many
tremendous performances, from conference and national championships to all Americans. Garnet athletes have
always strived to reach the pinnacle of their sport. Along the way we’ve
earned the highest levels of academic recognition,
we’ve gone on to great professional careers and
we’ve brought distinction to the college community. Tonight we pay tribute to
some of the most exceptional performances in a long history of sport but inducting the 2014 class but inducting the 2014 class of the Garnet athletes Hall of Fame. It was an 11 member committee comprised of coaches alumni and administrators
who considered more than a 100 nominations to
liberate the merits of each, and the impact that they
had on Swarthmore Athletics in a greater community. After hours of
consideration, the committee gave unanimous consensus
to this year’s class. So without further ado, I’m
pleased to introduce to you the class of 2014. – So, Swarthmore taught me a lot. My education here prepared
me to bail on my job two years later and pursue
another field of work and go to graduate school, and really allowed me
to pursue my passions, and apply my engineering knowledge to sport sciences and pelt pole-vaulters. That failure at the NCAA meet, wow, in athletics there’s
successes and failures, and those failures teach you a lot and that also allowed me
to not be afraid of failure and to do this sort of things. So, thank you very much, and thank you Swarthmore
College for allowing anybody to try new things in
different athletic endeavors. – You know I think the biggest
thing that I wanted to tell you guys today about Swarthmore Athletics is that there’s a huge social mission of the institution, I think that that really
has been something that athletics has adopted and
things like Special Olympics for the athletics
department and the community Tennis Clinics that we
run with the tennis team have just given me an
experience that really made me realize how valuable and
how rewarding it could be to incorporate service into your career and so I really strove to find that with my current job with my current job and so I have to say that
Swarthmore Tennis has helped me find a great family,
and amazing friends and a really rewarding job, so thank you for that and thanks again, this is
a just wonderful honor. – When I’m articulated at Swarthmore, playing three sports was
something that was comfortable to me, it was something I loved to do and I wasn’t quite ready to give it up. That said, it was probably
more of a challenge than I thought, and my
GPA was not stellar, but I survived, and I graduated. Pre-season volleyball
introduced me to what college sports were all about. Jump boxes, cliometrics, training rents, and I swear I saw that very
jump box in the field house, I hated that thing. So by day 3 of pre-season
I had to make it back up So by day 3 of pre-season
I had to make it back up the stairs in DaNoel to get to my room and I was quite pleased
there were no other people around to see me
hobble up the stairs. I did survive, I made
some of the best friends I had in those first few weeks, and I’m very pleased that we were able to play together for four years. – So saying that Swarthmore
was pivotal in my life is an understatement. Swarthmore defines me and my family. So thank you Swarthmore. Thank you to the college for admitting me in the first place, and thank you to all the
swimmers who shared their pool. Thank you to Sue-Ann Lish or pushing me and for putting up with me. Thank you to my parents, Ron and Kay, for writing me letters everyday and traveling 12 hours to see the meets, always cheering, even if I couldn’t hear you underwater. Thank you to that cute boy, Jed Tar, you’re always there for me, from swimming with me for nationals, when there was no one to train with, and raising our two amazing kids. And finally, thank you to Riverson Sawyer, your talents and spirits inspire me. And you offer me the chance to reflect on the journey that
brought us here together. Thank you. – I can’t help but think,
after listening to all these inductees, how I
hope that in 57 years, they will have memories
that my husband had of Swarthmore and of
soccer and of the cross and these coaches whom none
of you probably even know, but Coach Dunny and the
people that he worked with. The memories of being at
Swarthmore and being part of his team were so important to him, of his team were so important to him, and when we came back to Swarthmore, and he was made honorary
coach at two soccer games, his chest swelled, he was
so excited to be part of his chest swelled, he was
so excited to be part of this school and this athletic
event, these athletic events. – Hilary characterized this group, of which of all they’re intelligent. Yet at the same time, they are physically and mentally tough. They’re not going in at the end. They’re so disciplined, they
did what they were told to do when they had to do it. They were tenacious. It’s hard to imagine a team with someone in the country in defense, but it’d be nothing that
take a ball carrier down if four to five guys got them and picked them up, then I wanna backslide him, set him back in the right
direction to the hollow. And 30 seconds later,
they’re ready to roll again, at just where they were, tenacious but yet jump in at all times.

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