Elaboración de un pitch profesional para videojuegos – Curso Online de Tatiana Delgado

Hi, I’m Tatiana Delgado
and I’m a video game designer. After years of learning the craft of game designing, I decided to take the plunge
and start my own companies: Vertical Robot, where we created
two virtual reality games, Red Matter and Daedalus. And now, Out of the Blue, where we create narrative
and puzzle games. Ideas are very important
when creating your video game, but even more important
is knowing your limitations and how to communicate
those ideas to your investors or potential team members
through the pitch. The pitch file contains the main
information about your video game, and serves as an aid
for your presentation. You need to condense information
and select what is relevant so that the project has maximum impact. In this Domestika course you’ll learn the different roles
of a video game designer, focusing on the pitch to sell your idea both to the team and potential investors. As course project, you’ll create
a document with the main ideas of the game you want to develop. It’s crucial that
the content is well structured so that it correctly conveys
what our project is about, how it’s played, and what its reach is. For this, we’ll start
this Domestika course reviewing what a game designer does,
and types of game designers. Then we’ll see
the development stages of a video game and the tools you’ll need
for your pitch file. Next, we’ll start developing
the content of our game project, starting with our idea,
creating a mind map, and explaining the importance
of the different parts of the pitch. Then we’ll see
how to explain our project concisely to the intended persons, going through its card,
genre, target market, gameplay experience
and how it will be played. I’ll explain the importance
of choosing the correct visual style,
and we’ll consider different themes. I’ll also share some tricks
for the layout of your pitch, so that it’s readable
and gets your message across. When you finish your document,
I’ll give you tips about sending it out to bring in funding or team members. Then we’ll review what are the steps in the development of our game. Last, I’ll tell you
some personal experiences that I had in my work, and I’ll give you tips to tackle
your first work experiences when you need to present a project. After this course,
you’ll have a presentation to use as reference
in your future projects or even send directly to investors. This course is aimed at people wanting to start off
in video game design, and designers wanting
to build on their references and learn from real cases
and experiences. Take the first step
towards creating your video game. Creating a Professional Pitch
for Video Games A course by Tatiana Delgado
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    Orale, se ve genial, ahora mismo a aprobarlo.

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    Esta muy interesante, gracias por el video ahora mismo me apunto.

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