El Comienzo de un Nuevo Negocio en Argentina: La Idea de Construir un Hotel de Montaña en Córdoba

good afternoon everyone today we are from
I return with my dad Daniel to tell part 10 of the story of his life
It’s been several days since we’ve been making one of these videos because
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with history then although then where we had finished last time
we had stayed where I found access to molten supermarket
a simple day was lost 13 years of sacrifice of effort since
we came to the usa and well we had been like grass in
the water was dead in the water and well what I also wanted to tell you is
that to give you an idea that by those days the economies of canada and
of the usa were quite depressed they saw here in canada one thing but fine
it would be the recessions those that hit me I remember that I had friends who had
bought houses for example many Chileans and other people and they had bought
5% mortgage properties annual interest
and interests reached 21 by a hundred or so all those people when
I had to run out of time they had closed the interest rate
here it can be open for a year by five years and for that period you don’t touch
so when that period ends it is necessary to renew it is renewed with the rate
of the current moment and people who I found that I had bought
house asia four or five years were paying 5 percent annual interest
and all of a sudden they lost 21 percent and not only that but the
properties fell in price at friendship then many people know
I was among the dilemma of saying well my house is worth half of what I
I paid for it and now to renew again I get a mortgage instead of 5
21 percent and the monthly costs that they added to that to pay for that
mortgage was were too much and the property did not justify it because you
they were charging over the price original property i don’t know if what
had bought a property to say for 250 thousand dollars the debt with the
bank had it for 250 thousand dollars but now the property was worth 125 and above you
they raised interest from 5 to 21 or they had escaped so directly
a lot of people went with the house key to the bank and the key up
from the bank manager’s desk they said take a rest at home again
I’m not going to keep paying because I don’t It is convenient because it even suits you
say ok that the bank stays with that house and you crossed the street and you
you bought the one in the middle of price not to have mentioned so there was
been an economic situation some recession had hit and well
we with the supermarket had fallen for this cause this is not
true people had stopped consuming I had stopped shopping and it wasn’t because of
bad administration because we when we buy that supermarket
the weekly sales figure they had the old owners walked more or less
for the 17,000 dollars and us with my brother we got to lift it up
like 25 24,000 dollars a week we were selling so we had done
an improvement but that’s all when things stick and are are out of
control of one that can be done against the economy of a country and is the most
painful they saw because after all the effort if one continues you have gone to
casino and if I had played silver or it I would have skated what do I know in drugs
uneven did not melt because what you want but we merge for causes that
They were totally oblivious to our our control no we can’t do anything
that was when they disappeared virtually all supermarkets
independent and medium as it was we weren’t a
supermarket we were medium and the great chains took advantage of giving the
nibble and take out practically the vast majority gave the
business that was in the corner and of mom dad all that
trump disappeared and in all areas supermarket hardware store in short
household items anyway so good we had worked as beasts because
I remember that on Thursdays and Friday that the supermarket was
open until 9 p.m. cleaning was done than all the other
we closed as at 11 it was 16 18 hours of work per day I
came home Thursday and Friday but also many
sometimes orders were delayed distribute because we did distribution to
domiciled a couple of trucks and got on up the truck and also went out to
hand out and arrived at my house to the midnight and all he had was
strength my wife was waiting for me and I got in the bathtub with water I got
in there and served me a glass of whiskey and there it was they saw why not
I had the strength to eat dinner and she he said at night when he was lying
in the bed of the nerve reaction I was jumping like a spring
He said I’m scared because he is suddenly asleep
and it’s like the whole body according to out so good if that was the subject in that
moment and we were on the subject of what well bankruptcy we had fallen in my
brother me in bankruptcy even though it was a corporation and we were the uncles of
the corporation but we still had some issues we had given some notes
promising personal and on that side they also took us right
commercial and personal bankruptcy and when one there is a personal bankruptcy here in
canada a penalty of seven years that the person cannot have
no type of loan or credit or credit cards nothing is like a
punishment given to you by the court cleans you the debt but the punishment is that for seven
years you can have virtually no type of financial aid from a bank or
you’re welcome then if you’re bankrupt and you think maybe you want to leave
do some other type of activity and not you have access to
credit of this death you can’t do nothing and at that time also to us
we missed a myth they saw that we thought that in the United States in
canada business could not fail that this was a sure thing and really
this proved that no, that was not the case thing
I end up being that of every ten businesses that open here in north america in the
first six months six merge the other four left after
the years there are only two left running the other two are also
they melted so we are talking about that saves 20 percent of those in
the new businesses that are started are figures that scare a little because the
people start with the best of illusions but that does not mean that
I will end up doing well anyway so good on that side
we were fried saw and work issue was super but super
bad situation to find work there was no but you are not going to give
an idea if they got to run executive delivering newspapers with what
they distribute the boys like that through the houses anything to save yourself and
when those recessions fall here in these countries that people are so
indebted the only ones that survive it are those who have already been able to pay
home mortgages or are people from a little older age
elevated they call through a life have been able to take out mortgages from
over because all those who they get half indebted and come to
lose jobs and don’t get here lasts two months
you do not pay the mortgage to the bank and in two months the bank already starts the action
against you to re own the property what is called here the ripollès and that
does the bank then says well the property is for sale and
they usually try to get the market price but if that doesn’t
it works start taking offers let’s say people that investors and people
that takes advantage of those moments of rioturbio to get rich with the
misfortune of others saw good and begin to receive offers more prices
less than the property would be worth in the market only to reach
cover the part owed to the bank that is, if the house is worth 500
thousand dollars and you owe the bank 300 thousand the bank will announce it to the house
the will try to sell for 500 no it works at 400 it doesn’t work well how much
we should not mortgage yet 300 thousand who wants it for 300 thousand and
there they lengthen it the bank recovers the balance owed by the owner of
the house and the owner stays with empty handed if you can sell for
the real price good the bank I know charges 300,000 and the other 200 le
says take here is that is part of your de what your home varies but if it doesn’t work
so in times of crisis it doesn’t work that way because people are all desperate
produces as a front and they saw people is afraid to see what is happening and
everyone says it’s better to sell now to save me grab what I have for
doubts but then of course average city ​​is for sale and buyers
they are few so that makes each time there is more fear and prices start to
fall are cyclical recessions that are in east in these countries of north america
every 15 years or so 20 years a thing like that are given is like the
balloon inflated they gave air the economy grows grows grows grows se
expands and there comes a time that doesn’t will come in and what do they do they start it after it deflates and
then we inflate it again and as it works so good we
we were here this mentally quite beaten super
tired because we were already on a train from
three years in the supermarket that was a beating
total but we were coming from the years of I work before supermarket for
make the funds to buy us and from the new york years so good
what we decided to do and my wife was working they don’t remember and I had them
told that we had bought from that auto saw the photos in the video
previous she had vacations that touched her
if I had to take them yes or yes so with my brother and my wife and I
we climb the impala and for florida de montreal
we decided to take three weeks to clean your head and to think with the
clear mind is not true and incidentally go to see what was happening with the
economy in the us so good we went out with him in the car and we went
driving to the south
once we cross the border with the florida the plan was to visit all
the beaches along the peninsula of Florida one day two days at each beach
to know everyone saw them and we wanted to get here in west
up to the keys we were staying more or less than we could other times
we slept in the car many sandwiches and beer they saw that kind of trip without
no frills because neither the pocket nothing looks like luxury we don’t get to
la florida and we went to visit too there are in miami we take the opportunity to go to
visit family again this cousin second of my mom that we had
received when we arrived usa this gonzalo and xiomara
let’s go to a beautiful marriage with acts
yes then now we are on the trip no florida of some photos that we are going to show you
a picture we are looking at the computer and we are going to go
explaining as it happens then the first photo we are in the
fort liberté beach or feeding the pigeons that are flying there that
they fed him we fed him nachos in those potatoes potatoes as they are called
Doritos I don’t know if in South America and Nacho I alone those things but amazing because
we were eating and we were not they left in for the bugs until
we say but what happens here and we start to lengthen the nachos in the air and came
flying and they were silent on the fly and then they came to eat hand in hand
so if there we are feeding the pigeons as next past here we are
my wife and I stand in front of one of these properties that are in this west
palm beach didn’t recognize you it was another familiar person a brave had
out of the water and Maria combed all the hair back and here we are
you know what’s in west palm beach and all those areas there are some houses in the
billionaire areas mansions and The USA
so we were walking with our our old man
Chevrolet impala for those neighborhoods and gave a bit of
it’s a bit embarrassing and they went out they saw every machine and every song is good
but we had a nice time in that area also what did not disappoint us a bit
it was the beach that the beaches will have been that we had to visit us but
pretty poor of course maybe in our our head we were going
looking for the beach of necochea but that It has that width and that length as far as
one can see the view does not give to arrive at the end of the beach just imagination
can get there that is, one was always looking for
like a beach like that but such once with white sand and water
crystalline as in the Caribbean and frankly hard to find them here we are at the beach also from
European fund is my brother with me wife and behind is an aircraft carrier of
the navy of the usa i shot the picture that because he was entering the
aircraft carrier to port I don’t know where it would go I say tremendous beast the might that
you have in that country you don’t give a idea and here we are in the house of the
people who had received us and we are eating a barbecue with gas and we passed
with them I think how much 2 days we will have state
40 we spent four days in the house of they made as a base from there and from
there we went out with the car and went out to go through everything that was more or less
around there and we toured them and at same time we were sniffing how
were the economic situations the us that could be done if you could
do something if nothing could be done but we always trying not to
settle for that and well if it happened to us this is no longer possible
we can look the only one that is defeated is the
he lowers his arms and when he fell not decides to get back up and
then we were not going to stay on the floor and we have not passed through
so many hardships and so many situations adverse to say good if now we
we stay here we get lauritto and there it ends
the story we tried to go further of the common denominator true nothing
bad with getting is a little job and stay working all your life in the
same company there are many people that makes you like it and that’s all
that aspire but well we we aspire to a little more is not true
we had a little more push and then we were always trying to
kick there I remember in an era and not I know if it had not been a good idea
he had put us in the head with my brother to buy us a sailboat and
to navigate for the evils of the world and dedicate ourselves to
Commerce like this and they saw how there are countries that
they have the import closed and if you you can buy some items in a
free port and take it to this place more or less the world can be taken out
a live no and my brother had not been on this trip but on another trip there were
been in florida the there is also the folklore today and we had seen a
ship announced from canada and I went to see him see how
it was a sailboat of 65 feet or 65 feet about 20 meters long
and it was a ship that had been built entirely in wood from the 1915 era
1920 or so when we build them to make a banana in the water and
it looks like a pirate ship all wood inside everything is decorated with appliques
bronze a beauty of ship and moon the engine was shining the engine was not
well and it was for sale and we were asked $ 10,000 for that ship in that
era imagine today a boat like that ok at least half a million dollars and
we of course at that time with the hope to succeed in
in some kind of business and win bigger money to finance
that kind of thing we said no it’s not the time to get into this and then
see how we are dedicated to moving it because one of those bugs requires requires
money they saw to keep this that let’s get started in the business world
let’s make money and then we We bought the sailboat and we can now
dedicate ourselves with tranquility and security financial but good are those things that
in youth one is crossed by the sesera saw and we didn’t do it but given
the circumstances in which we we were in this moment maybe
it would have been a good idea to have bought the boat to have it chopped
go around the world and bye with everything the rest that’s another story they saw of
those that crossed our heads to see what the next motive future is
we had reached a place that I called it’s called until today marc
Ayman Marcos Island and there was practically nothing on that island that
looks back I think it’s the hotels where are we staying it was the
marriott and then there were some buildings they were building and there was
practically nothing we are talking about 83 today all of that you will see what it is
how it was built all that is a awesome thing next to each other
so well there we were also I think that one good night nothing comes back in
montreal back already back to montreal you notice why
Canada it’s so hard to live in this country so
difficult in regard to the issue of weather but I call Canada the country
trampoline because two countries arrive in this country emigrants and the first and the first
impression is all what beauty what nice what order how well you live there is no
economic startles everything you want but then after
third year and fourth year you start to install inside the human being a
feeling that I have to here go somewhere because the weather is
it’s a constant struggle is not a word the weather is like an excommunication or are you
fighting against an entity they saw the winter here as life was acquired
own not true one is not fighting Against the snow and the cold is fighting
against a monster that constantly it seems that he is wanting to destroy
an image that era that still the weather had not changed so much and it was in
brutal winter this is what it looked like from the window of an apartment where
we lived look at what desolation that must have been a week day a
business day and must have been more or minus ten eleven in the morning one
thing like that look at that work that day people go with a
copero collective atrocious well this should have
been maybe a little later but well then we arrived from
back to montreal and what do we do in the year 82 he had returned the
democracy in Argentina had been after the war conflict of
the Falklands saw that many people ask how the conflict was lived in
canada they think this what the other and well what I can tell you is that
you know canada the queen of england is the head of state of
canada canada australia new zealand the head of symbolically but it is the
head has been and these countries have a very long trajectory canada
england part of the empire egg like british
and of course this country could not pronounce in favor of a subject like
I was living in Argentina and the kingdom united – that is, more or less they stayed
the back burner they saw I don’t know they got like who says in quebec where
we lived we were different because the French don’t take someone anymore
I explained them with the subject of the English and that they lost the war since the time
of the colony that is common there is always a brace and those who
evacuated were of course on the side of Argentina true like those of
ireland ireland I had that problem with england also ireland was to
Argentina please all countries that they had problems when with england
with the united kingdom they were in favor but the vast majority of this country is not
francophone well then what were we going to do we decided that my brother was going to
go to Argentina with my mom to see how was the situation she knows she
could do in argentina and they traveled they and the one over there
the Canadian economy of the USA did not grow and zero growth and the economy of
Latin American countries for that then they started to grow I was
interesting the situation the exchange rate favored a lot
also so we decided that maybe yes we will make an investment in the
Argentina in the long term to have as who says a safe harbor and not being
so reeling here that in any moment could happen again what
had not happened is not true so we had the property of a relative who
I had bought my dad in the decade of in the year 40 there is a tourist area in
Córdoba and we decided then that we are going to start building a small
hotel to try to work with the tourism issue in that area of ​​the
Cumbrecita Villa General Belgrano by there we were but
we needed general and generate money here is how to generate money here
going to work is limited to one lucky and then we had to look
something that would give us the possibility of win more
we being bankrupt little we could do so
a command I’m investigating we decide that the best solution and it will be buy
a taxi in the city of montreal and my brother if bayern to Argentina and I
I was going to be working in Montreal with my wife and we will send money
for him to take care of everything that was the construction of the hotel and that
it’s the picture of that was my first taxi in the city of montreal is true how many
taxis you had in montreal well it’s a medium story difficult because you
you mean cars or permits this was the first and this is an ex is
a chevrolet malibu from 1980 and it was a former toy duke beck car
this was a car that had belonged to Quebec provincial police was but
piece of iron I did but well I put it to work as a taxi and after that
reached half a million kilometers I took out the volkswagen not true then
if this the issue of the taxi was that I allowed
and not having to keep a schedule allowed to work more hours than 8 hours
working to get paid a salary and could work seven days a week
in other words, there was an increase in amount of money my wife had a
good job very good job in a German company where she worked and
as he speaks German and had a good I work as executive secretary and
well if we start with this topic this my brother with my mom i’m telling you he went to
Argentina was this in the year 83 with the alfonsín government Argentina had created a new currency
I believe at that time I called the austral while the dollar is a whole
illusion they saw because how much will it be worth the australia
I think it was 76 cents a thing like madness that
they were always made by the company of work my brother went there and
which the next photo son-in-law of a typical winter day of
those that when the sun is outside does colder than when it’s cloudy they saw
and the car always slept outside in that epoch the situation of taxis in
montreal was quite I belonged to the union meeting not true and the
situation was quite difficult and there was too much taxi in the city to
the population then what do we do we also met there in the
union and well finally it is decided the provincial government did not offer
no help but we as the union we ask the government to
we will design a plan where all permissions that people who live
they no longer wanted permission they wanted to sell instead of transferring
we had to sell it to a private to us to the taxi association of
montreal we bought it and that permission we passed it to the ministry of
transport and they canceled it they got out of circulation so it wasn’t
possible to enter this business should be final taxi you couldn’t just get in
as I grabbed the tail like who says the last ones that were sold privately
then you could work but only with much fair for an owner but
you could not buy you a taxi a permission let’s say taxi then those
permissions we started buying them in I think that started selling at some of
nine thousand dollars concert and well to as people wanted to withdraw from
the industry and said I sell my permit it was called the taxi league instead
of unions let’s say in a league the 2nd we swallow all partners
and came the taxi league said my permission for sale the league said good
come for me to take the silver and the permission of the ministry of transport and
canceled a taxi less as finances we go all this every owner that
I had a taxi driver’s license taxi permit owner had
to put a thousand dollars a year to a well in common and with that money they were leaving
buying the permits that appeared for sale that I had permission
mine put a thousand dollars every year in that well and it was so good this one what
we carry on in the business improved quite a lot and we got to buy two thousand
two thousand 200 taxis we bought between all but instead of saying well I
I have a taxi, I buy another another one bought me another one not to improve the
industry we did we bought the permissions but out instead instead
I said no I bought 10 15 20 I have a floats not any of that until the plan
It was so successful that the permits they were worth 65 thousand dollars
that 10 thousand went to 65 thousand because of course fewer taxis had more money
I won and everyone was interested in which good supply and demand is not
true so when permissions they reached 65 thousand dollars and we
it was very uphill one thing is to pay ten thousand dollars for
a permit but another thing is to pay 65 thousand and fewer and fewer employees
for the plan because once those taxis were taken out of circulation that thousand
dollars for taxis that went to the well no longer existed
that is, if you took 2,200 taxis of circulation each one of those had
have put two thousand dollars for the well and it was already very heavy for
what so the plan was canceled up there
got there are those people look at that those typical storms that when that starts
that you see in finite snow with wind and what is there but capable that is
doing 25 degrees below zero there is no car there is no light no
It’s a breeze for the same place there is the machine as we have to
move the machine by cleaning the snow street and the little car girl this
it’s already night when people are going back to the same day taken
from the window of and people are already returning from work so that’s how
returns many times from work with a bulldozer forward opening the
way and everyone else behind skating and well but that is this
It is a picture of the exit of my house they hadn’t been 2 yet
look at the path that had to be done to get out the snow piles
I get goosebumps just remind me of all this but come on
approximate well you wanted many they asked for pictures of my moms there is
she my mom when it is no longer of course this is
a Christmas we were celebrating Christmas opens next I think there are
another good any fall in the bull in Montreal with my wife
changing leaf colors here in the autumn the trees change
everyone of color laughed there are yellow ones one red violet
purple is an explosion of colors really a beauty and this photo the
we grab so beginning that the early fall is my wife in one
from the gardens in the east area huesman your neighborhood anglo font in the
city ​​of montreal but it is on the hill the name of the city of
Montreal is very real which is the name del monte no and another thing that maybe not
know that in the city of montreal no buildings can be built and
skyscrapers let’s say they have to exceed the height of
that is, the mountain has to always be taller than everyone
the buildings that are built in the city ​​there can’t be buildings that
leave the mountain like a dwarf that the mountain has to be the source
of the main focus so they know they saw because there they see that montreal
it doesn’t have very tall buildings and one says but because it is not a 50 60 building to
70 floors than me and the reason is why because they can’t go above a
certain level not so there we are the same the same in the middle meeting I my
wife my mom and my foster mom that many also ask what happened to your
foster mom she also came here to Canada to live with us as the
we adopted children too they lived here that other story for more
forward that what happened am I that my wife and look what
my brother was in Argentina my twin sister had already gone to
live spain had married in spain I lived in Madrid in my other sister the
in the middle he had stayed living in the USA she lived new jersey and
after that I had a very good job with the telephone company and everything but no no
you could live new york new jersey then decided
come to canada we did it all paperwork for the residence and
he had also come to live here yes a christmas
a little without family there is no uncle there is no cousin there is no
the guide that of those who emigrated saw so is that maybe a christmas for
many of those who think to leave the country and no don’t get depressed saw but
here we worked and well one winter with my wife we ​​decided that we get along
going to take a week we went to cancun these photos are in cancun in the
cancun beach this was before famous temporary that in the year 88 to
cancun ask you out there it was called Gilbert Gilberto and you will see what
era en aquella época antes del temporal del ciclón es lo que eran las playas de
cancún anchas y la arena era como caminar sobre harina una pared y azúcar
blanca pero con la consistencia de la harina se suavecita una era una belleza
total y cuando estuvimos nosotros aquí en cancún no había nada todavía no se
había hecho ese tipo del orden de ese desarrollo inmobiliario brutal que ahora
usted llega a cancún y son un chorizo y palau de otro vieron los apartamentos
edificios los hoteles sobre el mar les I’m talking
lo único que había en esta playa era el centro de convenciones después había dos
edificios de apartamentos de alquiler que tendrían más o menos 89 pisos de
altura después un trecho largo estaba un hotel que se llamaba presidente y
después lo próximo era el club med el club mediterráneo vieron que tenía un
hotel en forma de pirámide pero lejos uno ni lo veía el resto era toda playa y
costa abierta no había nada así que era una belleza nosotros nos hospedamos en
el centro del pueblo porque haya más económico en un hotelito rasca vieron
uno de esos hoteles y tomábamos el ómnibus para llegar aquí a la playa y
nos habíamos hecho amiga de una chica que administraba el hotel presidente una
chica de mexicana y entonces ya no decía bueno entren por el hotel presidente y
nosotros aquí cuando lleguen a la playa pueden usar la reposera la silla la este
la comunidad mansa entonces claro nosotros pagábamos por un
hotel económico y esta chica nos decía no tiene problema nos dio permiso para
usar todas las instalaciones las máquinas de hielo esto llevaba las latas
de cerveza en el cooler cargaba hielo en el hotel y clac nos pasamos todo el día
en la playa y de noche nos íbamos de regreso al centro de cancún y allí
buscábamos donde comer generalmente comíamos había un tipo que
hacía pollo alvarado y en la vereda los lindos pollos hacia
la primera vez nos dice bueno te daban el pollo te daban una pila de tortillas
mexicanos como en esas tortillas blanditas no las duras y nos dice que
salsa quieren picante o super picante y voy a darme de las dos en un container
no nos fuimos al hotel abrimos el había cortado de pollo en trozos o no arregla
su apoyo y los sumergen las super picantes y me lo mande viste
menos mal que tenía seis latas de tecate ahí al lado porque si no yo creo que me
moría y aparte en méxico bueno puedes ir al caño a la canilla a tomar algo
con el agua en méxico es sabido que ahora no sé cómo estará pero en aquella
época que tomaba agua en méxico le llamaban la venganza de moctezuma no te
suman revancha porque te agarra una diarrea que te liquidaba no te dejaba
disfrutar las vacaciones entonces tenían las seis latas de tecate y que me
salvó eso o sea que ahí está cuando llegamos al aeropuerto en cancún y
angola vamos debe creer no existe más en esa compañía en aquella época era que
becker y cancún no tenía mangas nada uno bajaba del avión por la escalinata ahí
ya nos estamos regresando desde el día que regresábamos bueno cancún
ahí está yo saliendo de la playa de cancún que linda al agua calentita el
mar caribe imagínense uno acostumbrado a aquellas aguas de necochea de la playa
de argentina que entras mete la pata y ya sentí como se te congela en los
tobillos nomás de entrada y acá es una delicia porque no se puede pasar 23
horas en el mar y es como una caricia more than
a nosotros de chico en la noche se me ponía los labios violeta
después de más o menos 20 minutos media hora ya empezaba a temblar en el agua
que empezaba la hipotermia y se nos ponían los labios violetas nos mirábamos
así teníamos los labios morados viste y vamos afuera vamos y salíamos temblando
como gh y nos tiramos en la arena caliente porque necochea la playa tiene
la arena mojada y dónde están las carpas después ya viene la arena seca no nos
tiramos en la arena seca y agarramos la arena así con los brazos pues ya vamos
viste todo si los familiares sí y ahí nos quedamos quietos como winston
parecíamos una gallinita poniendo un huevo y hasta que te volví a la vida del
cuerpo y ya una vez que empezaba a calentar bueno como que te sentabas te
molestaba y al ratito vamos al agua de nuevo en el agua la treta digamos el trick era entrar a
toda velocidad corriendo y zambullirse sin pensarlo dos veces en la cochera
porque si vos querías entrar al mar despacito y que la bola tiba mojando de
a poquito no entraba viste te agarraba el chulito da media vuelta
con ese frío así que el caribe de esas cosas detiene caribe que eso de
su único y cancún recién se estaba descubriendo la península de yucatán la
riviera maya no existía no había nada en la rivera maya no se nombraba era nada
más que playa del carmen creo este poder no está en la ruina
tulum y cancún que tenía creo que en cancún había dos o tres hoteles no había
más nada era un pueblito que estaba recién despertando que no hubiera sabido
no haber comprado un poco de arena frente al mar en esa época y hoy tenía
una fortuna vieron cómo son las cosas a ver qué marca está también ese es el
hotel presidente y ahí estamos nosotros haciendo uso de las sillas
tomando una cerveza fresca y disfrutando la playa nomás descargando la batería
para volver a montreal alfre escuche este es el pastal no esta es una foto
que es aquello desde arriba desde esto del río de janeiro y aunque otra vía
otro viaje el pro viaje y también este fuimos a visitar a la familia de mi
esposa que vive en el río de janeiro en las afueras y en barra de tijuca y bueno
por aquí en el invierno nosotros siempre tratábamos de tomar unas dos semanas de
vacaciones para ir a cargar las pilas dieron la batería al sol y este fue un
viaje que hicimos abrir a brasil sí ahí estamos en el apartamento de mi cuñada
también la primera vez que fuimos ahí no había nada estaba el complejo ese donde
vivían ellos donde viven ellos y toda la playa estaba vacía no no había
absolutamente ninguna construcción para atrás nada para los
estaba sobre el edificio redondo ese que había quedado abandonado la construcción
bueno estaban ellos solitos ahí y bueno ahí compró el esposo de mi cuñada y
cuando no nadie nadie pensaba en ir a vivir a un lugar así vayan a fijarse hoy
lo que es barra da tijuca y en las afueras de río de janeiro se acerca
desde arriba desde dónde está el cristo and now yes entonces bueno estábamos en el tema de
que mi hermano en la argentina yo aquí con mi esposa mi mamá y le venía también
trabajaba un poco más de crianza también estaba en montreal y
decidimos como ya le dije este hacer el pesar con la construcción
de un hotel y la propiedad que ya we had
o sea que el plan era empezar algo sin deudas nada de que a diez años a veinte
años que hay una deuda sobre la espalda que si no trabajo que webb la propiedad
ya estaba comprada la tierra las casas que había construido mi papá que van a
venir las fotos en el próximo vídeo vamos a hacer todo un despliegue de la
construcción del lugar de como lo hicimos todo ahora le voy a explicar más
o menos cómo se se cuajó la cosa entonces llega a mi hermano a la
Argentina lo primero que compramos una camioneta
una ford f100 roja para poder tener movilidad se compró
toda la carpintería de obra las puertas las ventanas todo eso y bueno nosotros
estamos en la montaña porque en aquella época el pueblo más cercano estaba a 20
kilómetros de distancia de la ciudad de córdoba 150 así que todo camino de
de montaña de ripio desde tierra vieron así que no había pavimentos hoy hay
pavimento pero en aquella época no había pavimento carísimo hacer negocios allá
arriba porque todo lo que había que subir a la propiedad tenía que pagar
flete y muchas veces el flete era más caro de
lo que venía arriba del camión por ejemplo los ladrillos nosotros
comprábamos ladrillos en el pueblo y el camión podía traer cuatro mil ladrillos
por vez cada mil ladrillos eran veinte dólares o sea que
a 80 dólares pero el filete eran 120 y se dan una idea 120 dólares de fletes
contra 80 dólares de lo que venía arriba del camión era una locura pero bueno
también así los lugares turísticos los hoteles y esos lugares podían cobrar más
en esa zona porque se entendía que había un costo adicional para hacer bisnes en
esa zona entonces bueno nos metemos en el tema de que llega mi hermana y que
hacemos lo primero es ver un arquitecto que haga un diseño que haga el plano que
se aprueba el plano todo eso y después como lo construimos ahí arriba no hay
mano de obra no hay gente especializada no hay gente calificada o sea que en el
pueblo lo que los albañiles y todo ese tipo de personas
pedían salarios demasiados altos entonces lo que hicimos fue conseguir
gente de ciudad de córdoba nos conseguimos todos los oficiales de
albañilería los escuchar a toda esa people
venían de ciudad de córdoba el día del lunes a la mañana mi hermano tenía que
con la camioneta al pueblo esperar que llegara al ómnibus de córdoba recoger a
todos esos empleados subir a la propiedad se les daba alojamiento y
comida y la mano de obra que eran los peones de obra digamos eran los locales
esos vivían en la zona no es cierto para que estuviesen contentos y garantizarles
what la argentina había empezado también el
tema inflacionario otra vez vieron los precios subían entonces nosotros les
pagábamos le garantizamos el salario en Dollars
para que estuviesen protegidos no queríamos explotar a nadie de verón y si
así era probamos mucha gente que a pesar de que necesitaban trabajo vieron venían
estaba en una semana sí decían extraño mucho a mi esposa extraño a los chicos
la semana que viene ya no vuelvo los que estaban en los que venían de córdoba y
había que constantemente buscar gente new
tuvimos que tomar una especie de maestro mayor de obras con su familia que
también lo alojamos en la propiedad y la esposa de este hombre era la cocinera o
sea que él trabajaba como dirigiendo la obra y la esposa era la que cocina va
haciendo para todos los que estaban ahí los que vivían en la zona tenían que
supuestamente comer en su casa pero claro viste estos tipos ahí que venían
los días de invierno con las zapatillas agujereadas
con un mate cocido y emplazó de la isleta en el buche o sea que también
implementamos un sistema de meriendas para que a media mañana se tomasen un
buen tazón de leche con mate con leche con un poco de pan con mermelada de
manteca para que tengan fuerza porque si no no no pueden augurar vieron y así
empezó la cosa uno de los problemas más grandes que
tuvimos fue el tema de la arena para la construcción porque claro en esa zona se
construía había que construir todo antisísmico y las losas y las vigas y
las columnas y las paredes eran no de 15 pero de 30 o sea que hacía falta mucha
arena para la mezcla y para el único lugar donde podíamos conseguir arena era
un vecino que tenía un camioncito y digo cara al río y la tenía un camioncito que
era un desastre una chatarra es poco y se le rompía día por medio entonces
teníamos los empleados ahí arriba y no había arena para construir así que el
día agarramos y le decimos bueno mira cómprate un camión más o menos que de
aguante y nosotros te garantizamos los viajes de arena semanales que te hagan
falta para poder pagar la cuota del camión o sea que con nosotros con los
viajes de arena le pagábamos la cuota de camión que le había comprado a ese punto
hubo que llegar y bueno la propiedad se convirtió en copacabana
llegaban los camiones y llegaba el camión y llegaba y descargaba volquete
un beresford sin sin capo el motor al aire de verón pero se la aguantaba al
ver el forense a poco cuando bajaban a buscar en al río los caminos montañas
viejos y cargaban a pala él y un ayudante y después salían cargados vite
por esas esas lomas de montaña alargando una humareda una humareda negra una
columna de humo que parecía que se estaba prendiendo fuego el camión pero
se le subía y venía la propiedad y descargaba de frente donde estaba la
construcción camionadas y camión a caminar hasta que terminó de pagar el
camión es y así empezó el tema de la building
a cada paso por supuesto un inconvenient
uno muchas veces pregunta cómo se fueron a meter a hacer algo así pero la necesidad de ustedes ahora en el
próximo vídeo cuando vengan las fotos vean las fotos me van a dar la razón de
vivir en un país helado del hielo donde nada más que se trabaja que no hay
tiempo para vivir la vida a ir a un lugar así paraíso terrenal donde el
clima es benigno donde las vistas a las montañas son espectaculares donde hay
como un sosiego una cosa y si valía la pena el proyecto realmente
arriesgarse y decidir si se podía hacer y va a costar nos habíamos puesto un
plazo de 10 años para hacerlo y terminarlo pues claro no teníamos un
capital que decía no tengo un millón de dólares aquí está construido chao había
que ir haciéndolo con lo que se iba generando no es cierto este yo le
enviaba el dinero a mi hermano a través de en aquella época serán giros
bancarios internacionales se llamaban era como un año él no a través del banco
de los que entraba en el banco aquí los metían un sobre no había puesto en neón
ya en aquella época no había computadora no había internet no había teléfono no
teníamos teléfono en la montaña nosotros era todo se comunicaban todos con golpes
de tambor viste un boom y el otro del otro pero se
comunicaban entonces yo les mandaba a los giros bancarios de aquí que tiene un
sobre registrado a la argentina pero qué pasaba llegó un momento que en el correo
ya de esta banda ingresa dirección de canadá
venían cheques adentro y me lo robaba el correo argentino en señores si el correo
argentino y escribió una carta a la nación y un día la leyó aquel el
periodista llamaban just add on just a la ley o al aire la carta mía de lo que
pasaba no le mandaba los giros a mi hermano abrían las cartas en el correo
las llevaban a una casa de cambio muy famosa en buenos aires no voy a decir el
nombre pero tiene el nombre de un instrumento musical y ahí los cambiaban
a los giros firmaban atrás como que fuera y se quedaban con la guita y mi
hermano me decía no llegas no llega él tenía que pagar los salarios tenían y se
robaban los los giros en el correo argentino que la argentina que cuando a
cambiar a la argentina bueno después empecé a viajar yo voy a
llevar el dinero en persona en efectivo para evitar este problema no se podía
una vez lo agarró una un paro de correo y los giros que él no
recibió más dinero estaba en la argentina no tenían cómo sobrevivir
desesperado me llaman yo digo me tomo el avión en cuestión de horas compramos un
pasaje agarré lo que pude y yo a la república argentina me estaba esperando
a mi hermano en el aeropuerto en córdoba me dice menos mal que llegaste porque no
tenía ni siquiera dinero para echarle la camioneta al tanque y volver a la
propiedad si no venía aquí me quedaba y para avisarle que yo llegaba como no
habíamos modo de comunicarme con la montaña entonces llamábamos al pueblo a
la villa general belgrano a un café que nosotros conocíamos el dueño y le
decíamos si lo ven a mi hermano con la f-100 roja por el pueblo avísenle en que
yo mañana tal hora llegó a cierto o que yo que está bien cuando lo veamos le
decimos y mi hermano cuando lo fui llegué al aeropuerto me dice che pero me
pararon como 20 personas en el pueblo a decirme que llegaba
un bum bum bum bum bum ahí llega de tambor a tambor claro el lugar ese era
donde se reunía mucha gente en el pueblo a tomar el café todo eso y cuando llegó
la noticia que llega el hermano de luis de canadá y lo tiene que ir a buscar al
aeropuerto enseguida mandaron los emisarios viste el que lo vean luís
abisales y lo vieron como como dije a mi hermano así que él ya sabía que yo
llegaba y así se funcionaba en aquella época sin internet si sé alfonsín nada
pero las cosas caminaban y capaz que están mejor que ahora así que bueno se
empezó la obra la construcción a medida que la cosa se iba haciendo más grande
clave requería más dinero y yo ya no podía generar tanto no me daba viste no
no no había forma no le decía frenar frena un tiempo hasta recuperar no y él
me decía me da lástima frenar porque ya tengo el equipo armado habíamos armado
como una compañía constructora prácticamente tengo el equipo armado y
empezar a decirle a la gente que se vaya volver a conseguirlos viste
trata de qué manera el angular y le empezó a decir a la gente bueno como sé
cómo se hace en canadá quien quiere trabajar horas extras o el sábado y
domingo para meterle se les pagaba más por su buena hora extra ninguno a las 4
de la tarde se iban a la a la almacena ya la pulpería a jugar al
pool a tomar cerveza y algunos vasos de vino y no había forma de hacerlos
trabajar uno solo dijo yo voy a trabajar el día sábado ramón
trabajaba el día sábado pero después no volvía el día lunes se tomaba el lunes
en lugar del sábado el día lunes era una locura pues no nos parecía nadie a
trabajar mi hermano iba al pueblo a traeros los que venían de córdoba a
esperar el ómnibus y los locales los peones no venían a trabajar de lunes o
sea que teníamos un montón de albañiles y no había nadie que hagan un poco de
cemento para que esto tipo pueden pegada de ello entonces que hicimos tuvimos que
como si se implementa implementar un sistema de penalidades todo aquel que no
se presentaba a trabajar el día lunes tenía dos semanas de suspensión
una quincena allá pagábamos cada quincena vieron que el que no está el
día lunes en la obra dos semanas no aparezca porque no vas a trabajar para
tratar de forzarlo a los tipos a ver de que vengan porque no no no no se podía
era un dolor de cabeza trabajar así y aunque éste no te apareció el lunes
a tu casa venía el martes no ándate a tu casa no vengas por dos semanas te
quedaste sin trabajo dos semanas y claro era era todo así entonces este otro que
venía a trabajar el sábado pero no aparecía el lunes nos armaba un quilombo
con los demás porque los otros deciden y como él no le dan dos semanas de
suspensión que no vino el lunes bueno pero vino el sábado definitivamente
tuvimos que parar todo eso no se pudo hacer que nadie trabaje ni over time ni
el sábado ni el domingo no funcionó era una pelea y era un desastre todo eso
pero bueno íbamos avanzando nos agarró la época después lo que menos nos íbamos
imaginar uno pensó que bueno llegó la democracia de la argentina se va a
nivelar la economía se va a arreglar everything
que nos agarró la época de hiperinflación que está mirando esto y
de argentina se debe acordar que llegó al 5 mil por ciento anual la inflación
una cosa de locos entre los negocios marcaban los productos a la mañana al
mediodía cerraban remarcaban con precio nuevo ya la noche remarcaban de nuevo
que naciera ojo porque puede volver a pasar gente si están mirando estos ojos
una vez se le rompió un amortiguador a la camioneta mi hermano justo en el
período de hiperinflación y fue el concesionario que ahí se vendía los
repuestos ford le dice mira tengo la flor aquí ya tengo necesidad de un
amortiguador lo tienes para este modelo y el tipo le dice si tengo en stock dice
bueno dame uno y te lo compro ya y el dueño del lugar éste le dice no no te lo
puedo vender y pero como que no me lo puedo defender y dice no te lo puedo
vender porque yo te lo vendo ahora y para cuando ordenó otro de la compañía
que me manden para reemplazarlo capaz que vale el doble o el triple de lo
tengo me lo estás pagando o sea que me descapitalizó nadie vendía
nada viste era una cosa que nadie te vendía nada para comprarlos las
cerámicas para los pisos y el azulejado de los baños del hotel nosotros tuvimos
que hacer un arreglo con el dueño del corralón de la casa que vende artículos
del hogar y le tuvimos que mandar el pago de los cerámicos se los mandamos en
marcos alemanes a alemania aunque el tipo nos vendía solamente en marcos
alemanes tenían cuenta en alemania viste en esa época no estaba todavía el euro
del gran marco cada país tenía sus monedas y me acuerdo que yo fui al banco
y tuve que hacer una transferencia de canadá alemania en marcos para comprar
la cerámica esa que hacía falta para los pisos y todo eso porque en pesos o en
australes no me acuerdo que era nadie te vendía nada era hiperinflación y cuánto
llevamos ya casi y el próximo lo vamos a hacer todo
relacionado a la construcción y las fotos de la construcción del hotel nos
paramos aquí esperemos que les guste no se olviden de suscribirse al canal no se
olviden de darle like no se olviden de contarle a sus familiares amigos amigas
si les gusta lo que se está haciendo para que esta familia cada vez sea más
grande porque hay eventualmente va a haber muchas novedades interesantes en
el canal y queremos que todos puedan estar la participación y no se olviden
de comentar porque es la única manera que tenemos nosotros de comunicarnos con
usted con usted en cierto ya yo prefiero comentarios que emails porque yo puedo
responder a todos los emails que me llegan intento pero a veces la cantidad
es pero es demasiado y mi papá él responde a los comentarios en youtube
así que yo ni menos y no podemos responderle a todos
porque hay veces que yo me siento cuando salió digamos sale un vídeo el sábado y
me siento el sábado del domingo el lunes el martes los días completos términos
dándoles corazoncitos y amor a todos vieron porque hay muy lindos comentarios
pero si me pongo a escribirle a cada uno individualmente necesito 10 empleados
solamente contestando porque hay alguno hay algunos vídeos que tienen cinco o
seis mil 7 mil comentarios vieron que está bueno porque a todos los leemos eso
si no queda ninguno sin leer pero contestamos que es eso lo que los que
muchas veces piden información sobre alguna cosa en particular algo que
nosotros podemos ayudarlo entonces siempre estamos dispuestos se leen todos
y son muy agradables son muy lindos sus comentarios y nos da fuerza para seguir
haciendo esto porque bueno si la gente comenta y comenta negativo y no les
gusta entonces para que hace alguna firma entonces
paramos pero si ustedes nos dejan saber que están conformes que les gusta que
sigamos adelante y ojo que esto recién empieza la cosa se pone pero super
interesante no se da ni idea de cómo termina la saga y de todo todo lo que
aún todavía falta contar así que si los dejamos con esto ya sale en vídeo para
que todos aquellos que están preguntando también dónde están los vídeos de
mendoza ya termina la serie del apagón ya la serie de patagonia del verano de
2019 en la que se está publicando ahora no pues estaba atrasado y ya venimos con
los vídeos de cuando yo regrese de nuevo a la argentina y vamos a las bodegas a
mendoza a vieron es caviar pero de lo grande y qué más
tenemos unos lindos vídeos que están por salir ahora este fin de semana y el
próximo fin de semana salen unos vídeos súper interesantes estén atentos al
canal y no se olviden también a todos aquellos que están pidiendo viajes por
el norte del país que hace tres meses estuvimos audrey samuel y yo viajando
por tucumán por salta y por jujuy y esos vídeos van a salir después de que
limpiemos un poco todo esto que está trazado al igual cree a los queridos
hermanos uruguayos que nos escriben hermosos comentarios y hay cualquier
cantidad de gente que escribe desde uruguay también le decimos que estuvimos
en uruguay en ese viaje o sea que hicimos tucumán salta jujuy y uruguay y
los de uruguay también van a salir los chivitos los chivito uruguayos como
comemos esos chiquitos y nos tomamos un vinito en uruguay que también así que
todo eso está todavía atrasado y va a empezar a salir en cuanto nos
deshago tenemos un poco pero al mismo tiempo queremos ir haciendo algunos
vídeos frescos que los vamos sacando ahora ya cómo están sucediendo no van a
ver los de la cabaña van a ver un montón de lindos vídeos así que los dejamos
hasta el otro sábado hacemos la continuación de este prometido
sin promesas son deudas conmigo ustedes ya saben y si ahí se pone la cosa bien
interesante después de cata

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