Takada, who has promised to overcome her own record in this Central American sports games, underwent a interesting treatment called “Trigenics”. Trigenics is a neurological muscle system for reprogramming, which resets the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly increase muscle strength and length. It consists of improving the flexibility of strength immediately, making the athlete a more competitive sportperson. In the case of Silvia, she threw the disc before the treatment and the distance was measured. One hundred Feet and three inches. After this, the treatment began. You’re going to breathe with your nose and stomach, you are going to get the air in this way and as you exhale you are going to move your head to this side, inhaling and exhaling, moving your head to the other side, it will hurt a bit. Sela continued exercising it for several minutes in order to prepare Silvia and confirm whether her throwimg will now reach a better distance, and this was the result: one hundred ten feet and eight inches, two feet and one inch more. Actually I felt like more flexibility in the arm, more power, larger opening, let´s say the chest, I felt really well in the final throwings after the treatment Estonia is a country of a million people , we won three medals which were from athletes who I worked with just before their competences We hope that this treatment also works for Silvia, who starts tomorrow with the competencies. Her support and determination, “which we have not doubted”, she put in practice during the training will be a great tool to keep her record and impose a new record.

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