Discover DMACC: Softball

In sports, the DMACC softball team recently
capped off an excellent season with a 47-9 record. Pitcher Molly Jacobsen was named NJC Double-A
pitcher of the year. The Adel native will be a sophomore this fall
and she has her sights set on playing division I softball I came to DMACC because, I knew that they
had a really good record and my dream was to go division I and play division I softball
and they have a very high success rate of getting player on to the next level. I think overall I’ve improved a lot in my
mental game. I mean, it’s a pretty big step up from high
school, just the competition you play. So, just becoming more mentally tough on the
mound as a pitcher has been something the coaches have really helped me improve on. The level of competition here is definitely
a step up from high school competition. The batters are a lot better hitters and you’re
going to face pitching that is either a lot fast or more movement than the pitchers that
you face in high school. So, you just really have to bring your a game
up on the mound and even up at the plate and just trust yourself because, you’re facing
a lot better competition. I really liked the family aspect again here
and then it just feels like home. Once you come on campus, you’ll realize the
classroom sizes are smaller, you get to interact with your teachers a lot more then maybe a
different school or a bigger school, and we have a really awesome fan base here. We have people that travel across the state
to come watch us play and they’re always rooting us on, so it’s a lot of fun.

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