DIII Athletics: The Perfect Balance

I always thought growing up that
the dream was to be a Division I athlete but I am very happy being here being DIII
because it allows you to just be diverse. Playing Division III sports allow me to
not compromise on my other interests. It’s very serious and there’s a lot of
time and commitment but it allows you to do all the other things that you’re
passionate about. I think it’s the perfect balance and you can still have a
life outside of it yet still perform at the highest level that I’ve
ever played at. I don’t want to phrase this in a bad way, it’s very humbling
being here, all in a good way. Life up to this point was really easy,
going through school and everything. And, you know everyone here is at the
top of their class, the best on their team. I don’t want to just be like
an ordinary person, just like in the crowd. I want to try to find a way to stand out, so
I just got to put in more work. And we’ll see if that happens.

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