Dave Springer – – Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016 | Hillsdale College

Dave Springer:
My name is Dave Springer, graduate of 1984. I was a point guard, off guard. Played two
years for Bill Morse and then my last two years, junior and senior year, I played for
Coach Rod Halstead. I went to high school at Crestview High School in Convoy, Ohio,
and I really owe my opportunity to come to Hillsdale to my high school coach, Ray Etzler.
I was a small town kid that had aspirations to play college basketball and Coach Etzler
sent some letters out. Got an invite from the coach to come up here for a visit and
he said, “Throw in your gym clothes.” I’ll never forget the legendary athletic director
here, Jack McAvoy, who is a highly respected man. He sent me down and he said, “Now, David,
as you go through this visit, they’re going to wine and dine and be really nice to you.
Make sure you take the time to talk to some people about Hillsdale.” I really learned a lot more about Hillsdale.
Never regretted it. Personally, I feel I played on two of the best teams that Hillsdale has
ever had. My freshman year and senior year, I could go on and on with a lot of guys. They’re
wonderful friends and they were wonderful players. My freshman year, we were fourth
in the nation, so I was fortunate enough to be third team All American, and I was player
of the year in the GLIAC. There is no way that would’ve happened without those guys.
If I’m not on two very successful teams, it doesn’t happen I’m not here talking to you
today. When you get my age, you learn not to take
anything for granted. I think you look back and how blessed you were. Those are special,
special times here at Hillsdale. The games were great and the basketball was great, but
it was more about sharing the ups and downs. When you’re in college, those are major decisions.
Take a job, you’re going to fall in love, you’re going to get married, whatever, but
you share those with your college friends. That means more to me than the basketball
part of it. Appreciated the opportunity, had a lot of fun competing. Boy, the people part
of it means more to me now by far. I am very humbled and very touched by the whole thing.

One thought on “Dave Springer – – Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016 | Hillsdale College

  • April 12, 2016 at 2:29 pm

    Proud moment to see a Charger teammate inducted into the Hall of Fame, but even more proud to still have him as a true friend today. Congrats Springs! – Billy G.


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