CS:GO | Jump Shooting Macro Tutorial For Razer Synapse

Hello and welcome back to my new video, in today’s video I will be showing you a jump
shooting macro which will make you jump and shoot with the best accuracy possible. Update Info:
In an update to CS:GO in September 2016 Valve changed the jump shooting mechanics which
makes it so that you are now only the most accurate when you are at the peak of the jump. Rather than for how long time you have fallen
down in a jump, As this graph tries to explain. For a more detailed explanation please watch
3kliksphilip’s video about this topic. Purpose:
So my idea for this video was to create a macro that consistently shoots at the peak
of the jump when you are the most accurate. All links to the macros will be in the description
of this video. Testing Method:
For testing I used macros with different delays to find out the best possible delay for jumping
and shooting to hit an accurate shot. The program I used was Razer Synapse’s macro
software to create a macro with different delays between 0.3-0.4s with the scout,
since it is the most accurate weapon for jump shooting as we all know… Results:
With a delay of 0.300s I shot too early and wasn’t accurate enough. The same goes for 0.325s but I was getting
closer. And rather conveniently I found that the perfect
delay was 0.350s to be the most accurate delay. The longer the delay the more more inaccurate
was the shot. As you can see on the results here at 0.375s
and 0.400s delay on the macro. Commands:
The commands I used for testing was these two commands which make you see the accuracy
of the gun live in the game. * cl_weapon_debug_print accuracy 1 (0=Default)
* weapon_debug_spread_show 1 (0=Default) This last command also requires you to have
a dynamic cross-hair to work. Pro tip, if you want to practice this timing
for yourself you can use the same commands and you can also use this command to slow
down the game. * host_timescale 0.2 (1=Default) More Guns:
Now when I knew the best timing to make perfect jump shot I also tested out all the other
guns to see if any of them had a consistent jump shot accuracy just like the scout. Most of the useful guns didn’t like the
Ak-47, the M4a4 and AWP. But what surprised me was how accurate some
of the SMG:s were especially the MP9 and the Mac-10 while jump shooting. Conclusion:
In conclusion the best delay is 0.350 s and you have about 50 ms gap to hit a perfect
jump shot and which work the best with the scout. Disclaimer:
You can not get VAC banned for using a macro but there is always a small risk of getting
Overwatch banned, So use this macro at your own risk. Installation Tutorial:
Here is a quick tutorial on how to install the macro to Razer Synapse. First download the macro from mediafire.com
and save it somewhere safe on your PC. Then import it to Razer Synapse, this requires
a Razer mouse or keyboard. But there will also a link to the macro in
text format so you can create the same macro by yourself with any other macro software. Now select a button and assign the Jump Shooting
Macro to it like this. Also make sure that you use the playback option
as: “Play Once” when you install the macro. Outro:
I hope you found this video useful and if you want to see more macro videos in the future
then please subscribe. But that is all for now and don’t forget
to have fun! ^^

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