Cricket Bat Kid – Behind the News

Riley loves his cricket…and trying
to get other kids to give it a go. When Gray-Nicolls sent me
a pair of pads I used them for a little bit
and then I gave it to my friend because they didn’t fit me
and that’s when it all started. It felt really nice to give it
to him. So he came up with an idea. Collect old cricket gear,
like bats, pads, gloves and helmets, do it up and give it away. And now he’s got his local
cricket club to help out too, by donating their old equipment. Giving back a few bats to a few
kids, the reaction is shock ’cause they haven’t had people
give them free cricket equipment. Riley says a lot of elbow grease
goes into it and you have to know
what you’re doing. Obviously I learned how to,
you know, refurbish them and that. And I learned with bats,
different kinds of willows, sizes and all that. I started to learn weight, so how they weigh
and I try on every pad and if they feel uncomfy, then we’ll fix up maybe the padding
or something. So then we know which is better
and which is, you know, not so good. But he says it’s all worth it…
mostly. Refurbishing cricket equipment is… It’s not boring but it does
get boring time to time, you know. Now he’s asking people on social
media to get involved and donate. I love the game so much and I want
to see more people playing it. He calls it Operation Straight Drive
and his dad helps out too. For Riley to come up with this idea, for me as a father,
you know, as a parent, I was really proud of him. Riley’s even got the support
of one of his idols, Brisbane Heat cricketer Max Bryant. It’s pretty cool what he’s doing,
getting old cricket gear and then doing it up and giving it
to the kids that can’t afford it. So that’s pretty cool that
a 10-year-old’s come up with that. So Riley’s going to keep going. And just as importantly,
he’s going to keep smashing sixes. It kind of makes me feel like one
day I’ll be captain of Australia. It gives me that really nice feeling

2 thoughts on “Cricket Bat Kid – Behind the News

  • July 1, 2019 at 10:34 am

    My Country plays cricket 🏏

  • July 1, 2019 at 10:35 am

    I will be the vise captain of Australia


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