Create a Number Score/Points Counter in PowerPoint [PPT VBA Tutorial]

hello people and welcome back to my youtube channel in this video I will be showing you how to make a counter in PowerPoint, so first let us enable the Developer tab, click on file ->options customize ribbon and check mark the developer, and click ok; now go to the developer tab, click on label it is represented by a capital A, now drag it over here ok now go to properties, in the name change lable 1 to counter and click on font click on the three dots here and change its size to 150 change the caption to 0 and in text alignment to Center now we need to insert some shapes click on insert shapes and choose the left arrow add it over here and now copy and paste it select the duplicate shape and click on format in rotate, flip horizontally place it over here ok now choose a oval and put it over here and type exit in it now, double-click your label and let us start typing the code now copy and paste this; now instead of plus type minus and change the symbol to minus we need to write one more code so what happens is when u click on the shape which contains this macro the counter should change to 0 and you have to exit the powerpoint show so in the next line type that Now close the VBA application now select the left arrow key and go to insert click on action and run macro MinusOne Now choose the right arrow key; go to insert and Macklowe plus 1 and 20 / and fit button click on action and Michael and sit and he said ok now let us test our slideshow + f5 on your keyboard ok now let’s press the like button so as you can see it asks us when every time you press this button and minus one every time you press this button now let’s try the exit button as you can see the counter resets itself 20 now we need to save this fight click on file save us to choose your destination I keep it on this top 50 counter so you can see it as about by Matthew enable presentation which will allow you to edit your fine and all you can see it as argon Macklowe anyone show so if you open the sign indirectly opens in the slideshow mode ok so see your fine i hope you enjoyed this tutorial you if you really like that piece plus T comes up button and subscribe to me if you want more tutorials like this thank you

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