Core Strength Workouts for Fastpitch – Hope Rogers Softball Coach

Hey guys! It’s Hope Rogers here again and
today I’m gonna go over my three favourite core exercises for softball so
first exercise planks I know we’ve all done them alright you’ve probably all
done them and you may not like them all that much the great thing about planks
though is that it teaches you one just good posture for life because if you
think about it you go from the ground and you put a person standing up and
that’s how you should look when you’re walking so great for building for
strength anti extension so making sure that your back doesn’t extend and you’re
in a good position here and you’re tight with your core and then there are also a
lot of great variations that you can do so once you get good at just a straight
plank you can add some taps you can add holes
and different variations to kind of mix it up and make it more fun exercise
number two of court sizes for softball and say it’s gonna be loaded carries so
there are different variations of this as well
Farmar carries are my go to where you have two dumbbells by your side also
great because it puts you in a position where you have to keep your core tight
and keep your shoulders pulled back and be able to control the weight and walk
with it so really great for posture and developing core strength and you can do
different variations as well or you take your only out holding on one side you’re
having a load overhead so different variations to also mix up and make it
more fun my third exercise for core strength would be probably pal off
presses or some sort of exercise of anti rotation so in softball obviously
whether it righty or Lefty you’re always extending one way or the other
power off presses are great to work your obliques and to strengthen them and keep
your body in a good position and so I definitely say they’re an exercise you
should add in so three exercises for developing core strength I would say our
planks load of carries and then pal off presses are some sort of anti rotation
I’m hope rides and I’ll see you next time!

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