Carthage Athletics

(bass beats music) – I see. – No defeat. – No defeat. – No defeat. – I see no defeat. – I have the best. – I have the best. – In me.
– In me. – I have the best. – In me.
– So I require the best. – I require. – I require the best. – So I require the best. (bass beats music) – Warriors like us. – We make our own. – We make our own destiny. – We make our own destiny. – Carthage is the top
choice for student athletes. – Carthage is home to
24 NCAA sports programs. All with championship pedigree. – [Man] Our multi million
dollar stadium sits on the shores of Lake Michigan. – With over 200 million dollars invested, our sports facilities are unrivaled. – We make it clear that we
value you as an athlete. (bass beats music) – We sweat more in preparation. – And bleed less in battle. – We. – We are. – We are Carthaginians. – Carthaginians. – We are Carthaginians. – Our winning tradition is never ending. – Bring home championships
is what we do here. – Our athletes are students
first and foremost. – Well the student athlete
culture here is special. The relationship you build
with your professors, with your coaches, with
your teammates, all bring out the best in you. – Our student athletes are
successful not only on the field but also in the classroom. – You will have access
to the best education, the best training, and
the best facilities. – My players are doctors, lawyers. – Your career will start here. (bass beats music) – Tradition and excellence
is what drives us. We work, we train, and we win. – I know firsthand that
this experience can change the rest of your life. – We are one team, one family. – We stand on the shoulders
of those who’ve gone before. – [Athlete] And we set the
stage for those to come. – [Athlete] Is it in you too? – Are you one of us? – Make your move. – Make your move. – Make your move. – Make your move. – Make your move. (bass beats music) – Make your move.

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