Baseball Pitching Drill: Backside Leg Hop

Long toss has always been a great way to
gain arm strength and really teach your body to work together. The backside leg
hop drill adds another dimension to that and it also works on your balance, core
strength, and extra leg drive. You can add this drill to the middle of your long
toss session or at the end if you’re doing pull downs are you really trying
to go for a max distance throw. It’s a very easy drill to add. All you do is you
basically start with a normal crow hop or shuffle leg work and then you go
straight into a hop. You’ll hop three or four or five times – whatever you’re
feeling for that day – and then you’re just going straight into some normal
throw and finish. We’ll start sideways. You step forward with your front foot and
we’ll step behind. Then we’ll get straight into our hops. Forward, behind, get
your hops in, throw. Remember to stay balanced, keep your chest forward, and try
to keep that leg up when you’re hopping as best you can.

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