We welcome you to Davenport
Field at Disharoon Park in Charlottesville, Virginia. It’s a non-conference showdown
tonight with UVA playing host to the visiting Liberty Flames. 0-2, swing and a miss. The guy threw 34
pitches on Saturday. There is a perfectly
placed fast ball. Swing and a miss– blew
a fastball by him at 93 that time. And he powers up to left field. That ball hit
well, and that ball is going to get out of here. Off into the
bleachers, Ben Highfill has his first home
run of the season and just the second
of his career. Swing and a miss– strike three. Blew a fastball by him. And a called strike
three at the knees. Swing and a miss. Great change up from
Andrew Abbott right there. Lock your swings through. It’s six strikeouts
for Andrew Abbott now. Rounded right side and
juggled by the first baseman. Tying run will come home
the score from third base. 0-2– lifted to
right, well-tagged. Tap it back, tap into
the track, at the wall, and that ball is gone. Two run home run
from Jonathan Embry has the Flames
right back in front. And the fourth line shot– that is a fair ball. Down towards the corner. Michaels cruising
into second base. He’s there standing up. And Kent swings,
drives one to left. Back towards the wall. Betts, he looks up,
and this game is tied. Do it all, Nick Kent right now
for the Hoos, his third home run of this season,
ties up this game. Virginia 3, liberty 3,
with one swinging the bat. Line shot, fair
ball to left field. Gelof takes a 3-2 pitch,
lines it into the corner. Another extra base
hit for the Hoos, his ninth double of the season. Towards the right field
corner, fair ball. Here comes Gelof Rivoli around
second, will stop there. Brendan Rivoli with back to
back doubles in this game. He bounces one. Back on it as the third baseman
[INAUDIBLE],, and a very tough throw. That ball kicks off
of Simmons’ foot. Out into right field,
run comes home to score. Virginia’s got a 5 to 3 lead. Swings, drives one into
the gap and right center. That ball was down
for extra bases. Here comes Simmons in to score. Eikhoff thought about three,
slams on the brakes, content. [INAUDIBLE] the bat. Behind the plate from Michaels. And what a catch Basket-style,
leaps up onto the wall, and hangs on. That’s a fantastic play
for Virginia’s catcher. Swing and a miss. Slider gets to the backstop. Michaels trying to
regroup to throw to first. Not in time– throw
back to the plate. Not in time. I tell you what, we might
have a look at the replay here– one of the odder
angles you’re going to see. There was a time at first
I thought that he might have stepped on Michaels’ foot. He definitely got the plate. That is as close
as close can be. He is out at the plate. How about that? Popped up, left side. This should do it. Gelof off back from third,
and the Hoos take it. Virginia evens up
this season’s series with both of these teams
winning in their home ballpark. Our final tonight,
Virginia 6, Liberty 3.

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