Baseball Batting Stance & Hitting Techniques : Positioning the Feet to Hit a Baseball

Today we are going to talk about the basics
of a swing and creating a solid base. Now when you’re creating a solid base, what you
want to do is, first start out, keep your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width
apart. As you see mine are maybe 3 – 4 inches on each side, outside of my shoulders. This
enables you to have free movement of your hips, of your legs, things like that. Now
when we’re going to come to, whether it’s an open stance, a closed stance, straight
away, it’s more of a personal preference, it really does not have a lot of discrimination
as to how good of a hitter you’re going to be or making contact with the ball. I personally
like a slightly open stance, which means that my left foot is just a 1/4 – 1/2 inch behind
my right foot. I feel that this is more comfortable for me. Now the key to this, is making sure
that you can bend your knees a little bit, you know you have up and down, all that and
that you can rotate on your back foot. This is kind, this is what’s going to create your
solid base when your driving through the ball with your hand. The most important part of
hitting is, the base right here. It’s your quads, your hips, your abs. Making sure you
can turn through like that. Those are the keys to creating a solid base.

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