Athletics Charity Car Wash

nineteen of the freshmen for this next
year’s football team as a summer class lead 1000 with dr. Lavery we also have
one other regular student Damian he’s he’s also from this area so he’s come he
came out here to help us out today we have a car wash for charity a couple of
guys in my group grew up around the Boys and Girls Club so that’s the charity we
choose chose to select for our car wash today we just have such a great platform
already as like student athletes ready for us to do that at this level we can
just keep building and building if we go if we end up you know there’d be a even
a higher platform I thought this was pretty easy I mean we just put this
together in a couple weeks so hopefully we make a pretty good profit today for
the Boys and Girls Club so we can donate to them and I would I would really enjoy
doing this more often

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