Athletics Announcements, October 2019

Hello. I’m Matthew EB I’m the athletic
director at WSD I want to make some announcements related to the month of
October. It was a very busy month for me and the sports teams. I know many of you
have seen the leaves changing into beautiful colors like orange, pink, red,
yellow – which means that fall sports have come to an end. Even though it has come
to an end, there are still a lot of wonderful accomplishments which we will
share today. First of all, we hosted the GPSD Volleyball Tournament here on
campus, which was a thrill. And we had wonderful team members and sponsors
which I’d like to thank as well. Our volleyball team took third place in the
tournament and I’d like to congratulate them. Now we will show you some
highlights. Also, we hosted the middle school
volleyball tournament on October 21st and 22nd, which was called “Pink Day.” We supported the Side-Out Foundation, which we helped raise money for. We raised $203, which I want to congratulate the middle school team for. Also, they performed very well in the tournament. During the pool play, we won
the game against a team that always beats us. We won two out of the three
matches against Our Redeemer, which is a school in Delavan. It was a great win. The
next day was the tournament, and we did not win. But either way we gave a lot of
effort in this competitive game, so congratulations to the middle school
team for a great season. Next is Special Olympics. They had a big
regional bowling tournament last weekend. WSD brought two athletes, and both of
them qualified for State, so congratulations!
The athletes enjoyed themselves while bowling, and the coaches were
there giving their support and watching all the action, which was very inspiring
for them. The athletes received medals, which was pretty nifty. Here are some
photos. Also, we want to congratulate our
volleyball coach, Heather Martens for her 100th win last weekend at Missouri
School for the Deaf. Which we won all three matches, so congrats again. Our football team had two games last
month against Iowa School for the Deaf and Minnesota School for the Deaf.
During the Iowa game the field was very wet, muddy, and it was because I had rain
for a week straight. But it did not rain the day that we played.
However, the field was still muddy and had a lot of puddles of water, which caused the players to be wet and muddy. The game was very
competitive, but we did not win. The game against our rival team, the Minnesota
School for the Deaf, is called the “Hilltoppers Axe,” which means whoever wins the game will bring back the axe. This was a very close game. At first we were in the
lead until the very end. WSD tried to gain the lead but didn’t
make it. So, thank you for all your hard work this
year, team! Now I’m gonna turn it over to the
coaches so we can announce the athletes of the month. Thank you all! Hello, I’m Travis Waala, the head coach for the elementary and middle
school girls volleyball team. I know you’re wondering who the athlete of the
month will be, but I want to comment that all the players invested a lot of time
and were very serious during practices and games. October was the last month of
the season in which we had a tournament and everyone was very focused and
determined, so it was very hard to pick one person. After a much thought, I have
selected Autumn Voss. She is the new manager this year, and she was like a
mother figure to 15 children. She made sure everyone felt good, made sure that
they had food and snacks, and that they were hydrated. She would collect the
jerseys and was very committed to practices. The first day of practice
I explained the role of the manager to her, and I never had to worry about reexplaining the role to her again. Never had to chase her down. Never had to
explain to her about the things that she was not doing as a manager. From the
first day on, she knew exactly what to do. She was a very independent
manager. The players really relied on her. Also, she worked very hard on catching
every play on video camera. During one game, there was no tripod and she had to
endure using her hands and body as the tripod. Which was very exhausting, but she
wanted to do it for the team. So hats off to Autumn for her hard work! Hello again.
I’m Amy Dignan, the Special Olympics bowling coach. I’m here to announce the
October athlete of the month. This person is very motivated, attends
practices, and when they show up to bowl, they get their shoes and
bowling ball quickly and is very committed to bowling until practice is
over. Also, this person was recently involved in Regionals, which they got
second place and will be going to State in November. I’m very thrilled for this
person and this person is Angel Fleming. Congratulations
Angel, I’m very excited for you, and I can’t wait to see you continue your
wonderful work! Hello, my name is Heather Martens, I am the coach for the varsity
level volleyball team. This year was a tough one. Many of the players improved
and gained many experiences. The student that I picked in particular was
struggling last year, but still wanted to be part of the team this year. So we
taught her about the game and her teammates helped her pick up all the
skills she needed. And during the varsity level game, we saw
a dramatic improvement and want to applaud her for her courage and her
gains, which I hope will continue. And this person is Davonnah Green.
Congratulations on being October’s athlete of the month! Hello, I’m Michael Eldred, and I am the head coach for the football team. The reason why we’re
here today is to pick the October athlete of the month. The person I pick
shows great work effort, never gives up – even if they’re hurt. They have a wonderful, positive attitude.
During the Minnesota game, this athlete made some big plays, which were two
quarterback sacks and one fumble recovered. They almost had a touchdown
after first down as well. During the Missouri game, they had a very positive
attitude and showed persistence, so this goes to Thomas Robertson. Congratulations! Lastly, I’d like to announce the coaches
for winter sports. The names will be scrolling. Looking forward to seeing you all at the
winter sporting games! Like basketball, cheerleading, Special Olympics basketball, and
Special Olympics snowshoeing. Thanks!

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