Athletic Women Get Their Muscles Photoshopped Away

– It’s just a stigma that we get from the media and social media in particular that we have to look
and appear a certain way in order to be feminine. (upbeat techno music) – I’ve always been an athlete,
I started playing soccer, I played in college, I
played in the W league in Atlanta for three years. – I’ve always been extremely athletic and extremely competitive, even in gym class, I always wanted to beat the boys. I ran track at a division one college. – Before I got into
crossfit and weightlifting, I battled weight gain and
weight loss and fluctuated for pretty much my entire
teen and young adult life. I hated every part of my body. I hated absolutely every
part, and when I started lifting weights, I was
able to let that go. I didn’t think I could ever
let it go, but I was able to. – I definitely did think that
I could have been skinnier, think that maybe my body
composition could’ve been better when I was younger. (light instrumental music) – [Ashley] My athletic body,
my muscles have been a part of me for as long as I can
remember, so I don’t know how I’m gonna feel with them being taken away. – I’ve had countless female
friends that have been concerned about building
muscle mass and what that would look like on their body, because they’re worried
about being too big, or too bulky or too muscular. – We are used to other people telling us what we’re supposed to look like. For every 10 positive
comments, there’s some guy out there telling a girl
she looks like a man. It’s really this complex
that people have created in women that tells us we’re
not supposed have muscles. – I’m doing this experiment
because I want to be able to look at myself in a
different body form and still love the way that I look now. (upbeat techno music) – Now I’m nervous. – I’m looking at my original picture, and it looks like me,
and I look like a badass. So, now lets look at the
photoshopped version. Oh, wow okay. Oh, okay. What bothers me the most
about this is the arms, like I don’t have any, like arms at all. It’s crazy. – Woah. I hate that, that definitely
doesn’t look like me. There’s no muscle tone,
there’s no muscles, it’s literally just skin and bone. – Oh weird. Honestly, it just looking at it, it just doesn’t feel like me. I’ve always had big
legs, I’ve had big legs since I was a kid, so I’ve
never seen small thighs on myself before. – Like, I’ve put in a lot
of hard work to my body, years and years of training,
blood, sweat and tears, just to see it being stripped
off is like devastating a little bit. – This is still a picture
of thing that at one point in my life I was striving
to be almost every day. I’d wake up every morning hoping
that I’d looked like this. I don’t feel that way anymore. – Women have been held back for so long, and we’re starting to see that gap close as women start to be like “I
don’t really care what you “think, I’m picking this heavy thing up, “I’m throwing it around.” – Through weight lifting
and through crossfit I definitely found freedom with my body. – Having muscle is healthy,
and it definitely should be celebrated instead of women
being afraid to put on a little muscle, I think
they should definitely welcome it. – I am proud of my
original picture because that girl can clean 185 pounds. (light uplifting music)

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