Athletic Training Programs Professor & Director, Tamara Valovich-McLeod | A.T. Still University

(reflective music) – Hi, I’m Tamara Valovich-McLeod. I’m the John P. Wood Endowed
Chair for Sports Medicine Professor and Director of
the Athletic Training Program at A.T. Still University. I’ve been at A.T. Still
University since 2002, initially starting off as a faculty member in the Athletic Training Program. I came to A.T. Still
University directly from my Doctoral training. It was a great opportunity for an up-and-coming
athletic training program and I was able to really
begin doing a lot of my concussion research at the high schools within the state of Arizona. The athletic training program
at A.T. Still University consists of a Masters,
post-professional program, a Doctor of Athletic
Training, and we have certain outreach and research areas such as our athletic training
practice-based research network and our concussion research
across the state of Arizona that allows us to provide outreach service and do research in many
areas of athletic training. Within our Masters
programs the benefit of the athletic practice-based
research network is really the use of the EMR. And our students learn how
to properly and consistently document patient care, evaluate
their patient outcomes, that once they get out
practicing in their first job they will definitely have an
advantage in their ability to use and integrate an
electronic medical record into their clinical practice. Students within our
Masters program will take certain classes simultaneously
with students in the Doctoral program and they
will be able to transfer those courses to their Doctoral studies for advanced standing. Currently students can transfer
up to 21 credits towards advanced standing within the DAT program which is about one-third of
the entire DAT curriculum and allows them to complete the Doctorate in about half the time. Our program is embedded within
a School of Health Sciences that allows them to
interact in a classroom with soon-to-be peers in
other healthcare disciplines. Their graduate assistantships
in our research and outreach opportunities allow them to work in the community with
different healthcare providers in different athletic training settings and different medical settings. The athletic training programs
at A.T. Still University were purposefully designed
to really promote the new era of healthcare and where we
think athletic training students should be educated coming from
a professional-level program looking at the Institute of
Medicine competencies as a foundation for our curricula
and then also weaving in the expertise of the
faculty so that the programs reflect their areas of
interest and expertise which provides additional,
I think passion in their teaching and their
research in those areas. Finally, being embedded in
a Health Sciences School is unique to the athletic
training profession especially at the post-professional level, so it provides the opportunity
for our students to learn alongside their future healthcare peers.

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