Athletic Training at WVU

(light music) – It’s got sports, it’s got medicine, everything seemed like
it jived pretty well, and I looked up programs that had the best track record
for athletic training and West Virginia was
at the top of that list, so that’s where I came. – And I fell in love with the campus, and I did my research on the program and saw how prestigious it was, and how well-known and well
versed everybody was here. – Anatomy to me was really interesting, being able to study the body, and we had a cadaver lab attached to it, so the cadaver anatomy portion of it, actually, you know, it’s easy
to see something in a book, but when you actually can see it right there in front of you, and you know, be hands-on with it, I found
that very, very interesting. – This year we’re learning
general medical information, so just what to do if you’re in sort of a doctor’s office situation, it’s kind of a cumulative class for all of the things
we’ve learned so far. – Right now we have ten kids in my class, and I find that beneficial because you really do connect with the professors and you have time to ask questions and to fully understand
everything that you’re learning. – Athletic training really
sets you up for anything. We have alumni that have
gone to med school with, you know, undergrad
athletic training degrees. PT school, PA school, you can really do a lot with it when it comes to different things. I know that, you know,
working with men’s basketball here, we have a physician’s assistant that works with us who was an alumni, who was an undergrad here that went through the
athletic training program. – This past summer, I was the first female summer athletic training intern for the Indianapolis Colts with the NFL, and it was honestly the
experience of a lifetime, and I wouldn’t have gotten here or there without West Virginia athletic training. Next year I am going to be working with Baylor’s football team
for the next two years as a graduate assistant athletic trainer while getting my masters. I love how much of a family the athletic training program is, everyone knows who everybody is, you all joke with each other. It’s a great environment to
be in when you’re learning. – I got to go to two bowl games, I got to experience that
which was unbelievable. I’ve done a summer internship with the Washington Redskins through the NFL which was, once again, unbelievable, never thought I’d be able
to step into NFL stadiums, work with those types of athletes. And then now I’m currently working with men’s basketball here at WVU, which once again,
unbelievable opportunity, and especially working with the type of athletes we have here
and the coaching staff with the head coach, it’s
probably one of the best, is one of the best in the country.

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