Athletic Summer Camps 2019: Co-Ed Basketball

Well this camp is just a community
outreach and it’s just for the love of the game. To get these guys excited and
getting used to coming to camps and hopefully coming through all of our
camps as they grow up. It’s a good opportunity for the
athletes to, to you know be teachers and the role models so they’re doing a great
job out there and that’s good to see all these kids from the community and even
from other communities coming here and this campus growing so we’re excited
about that. All right so I’m Walter Kelser I’m a
red shirt junior at Ferris State. This is my first year doing the camp this year. I
transferred last year. This is not my first time doing camps with kids though
um I really enjoy it because you know it’s just it’s just a time time for us
to show them our skills and just have fun with them. Just their energy it just
reminds me of being a kid and going to camps when I was younger This is actually my first year doing it
and it’s a great experience I mean I love being with the little kids I mean
teaching them to fall in love with the game just how we did so it’s really a
great experience overall. Just teaching them really I mean seeing how much fun
they’re having that brings back joy when you’re younger so. I attended high school
camps but nothing as good as this. I think it’s the best camp Now we have 70 middle schoolers
overnight in Wink arena and you know we got hockey camps going on and we got all
sorts of camps going on this summer with all sorts of kids coming to campus. Both
the men’s and women’s teams have team camps and we spent a lot of time in June
and July with camps and volleyball gets it going in July so it’s a good time to
just introduce a lot of people to Ferris State and you know develop the games
that we love basketball, volleyball, hockey whatever sport it is that we’re
hosting a camp for but sheron doing a great job with his camp directing this
camp and we’re thankful that we have her and and our staff to pull these things

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