Athletic Stance

Hi, this video will look in
detail at the Athletic Stance. The athletic stance forms the core
of almost all movements in basketball, both offense and defense. It’s the optimum body position for quickness and because of that, it can be found in
almost all sports where quickness is needed. You’ll see baseball infielders
take an athletic stance. Football linebackers and corner backs. Tennis players preparing to return serve and hockey goalies protecting the net. What all these sports have in common
is the need to react quickly in any direction. That makes it the ideal body position
for a fast sport like basketball. Start the athletic stance by placing
your feet shoulder width apart. Now spread them another
1/2 shoulder width apart for a total of 1 and 1/2 shoulder widths. Your feet should be parallel,
not pointed in or out. All quick movements require
a low center of gravity so begin by sitting down as if
you were going to sit on a chair. Your hands are extended out in front of you. Next, let’s look at the
athletic stance from the side. In a proper athletic stance, your knees are bent, your back is straight, your head is up, and you are looking forward. Your elbows should be out
comfortably from your body and your weight should be
forward on your feet. It should be possible to slip
a piece of paper under your heals. You should be comfortably balanced:
forward to back and side to side. Let’s look at your hands. Your fingers should be spread
and pointed outward. With your hands in this position
you can quickly react to movements of your opponent and the ball. The low center of gravity
allows you to quickly change direction and accelerate while
maintaining your balance. Changes of direction and acceleration
are much more difficult to achieve if you are standing upright
with your arms in the air: a position with a high center of gravity. Unfortunately it can also be
difficult to maintain your balance. Maintaining a solid athletic stance
requires strong quadriceps muscles. These are the muscles
on the front of your thigh. They are also the most important
muscles in any sport. In summary, the athletic stance
is designed for quickness and can be found in all major sports. Your feet should be 1 and 1/2 shoulder
widths apart and parallel. Your knees should be bent, your back should be straight
rather than hunched, your head should be up
with your eyes looking forward. Your elbows should be
out in front of your body. Your fingers should be spread
and pointed outward. In other extreme skills videos, watch for how often you are instructed
to first assume an athletic stance. It’s that important!

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