Are you ready to be a Riverhawk athlete? AACC Athletics Viewbook

[MUSIC PLAYING] So, highlight of my season. Well, all year, I was
trying to get my hat trick. And I finally got it
in the semifinal game. I hit a grand slam. Then softball, we
just won regionals. This is one of our
favorite times of the year. We get to celebrate you. Obviously, we wouldn’t be here
without the student-athletes. We thank you for your choice
to be at Anne Arundel Community College. My name’s Duane Herr. I’m the director of athletics
here at Anne Arundel. The awards banquet is one
of our favorite events, because we get to see
everybody come together at the end of the
year, recognize all of our
student-athletes, give out our departmental
awards, highlight staff. Outside of high school, I was
really kind of unrecruited. Wasn’t sure about college. And that summer, the coach
here actually gave me a call and asked if I would be
interested in coming out to play. When I went to
Towson, I was a junior that already had two years
of experience on the field. My name is Daja Burnett. To play at a college
level was just a dream that I’ve had since
I’ve been little. My name’s Ryan Owens. I was committed to go
to Eastern University. Financially, it
didn’t make sense. I got here because of the
soccer coach, actually. He kind of pulled
me aside and was like, hey, we have this
great soccer program. Why not come out
here for two years, figure out what you want
to do, and then you can go somewhere else after that? So there’s a student
questionnaire online. It’s similar to, like, if
you were applying for a job, but it’s applying for a team. After talking with Coach
Makell, and he was like, do you want to sign? We do a letter of intent. It’s a contract. They’re committing
to our institution. We’re committing to them. Their goals become our goals. Coach is there. Our staff is there. Parents come. So I was definitely
committed to my teammates. I was committing to the coach. I was committing to
having a specific GPA. I was committing to
being here at practices, just giving
everything that I had. To find the school that
you wanted to be at, and to sign that letter of
intent showing both ways, they want me here, I want to be
here, it kind of relaxes you. [INAUDIBLE] here we go. One, two, three! A-A-C-C Riverhawks! We offer the opportunity to come
out and play and get better. Our freshmen are
getting opportunities as soon as they get here. Probably the biggest challenge
was getting up to speed. The first couple
games and scrimmages, it was very frustrating. Well, it’s a faster
pace, bigger guys. It was a long season. A lot of work went into it. There’s a lot of my teammates
that rose to the bar. They just stepped up
when we needed them. You forge that bond where
you’re best friends. You’re spending
every day together. There’s no sort of camaraderie
that you can really get rather than when
you’re at practice, and you’re all
sweating and struggling towards the same goal. You have someone to go
to the library with. Now I’m hanging out with
them on the weekends. After talking with Coach
Makell, he definitely stressed academics
as much as athletics. They want you to be
there in school first. We certainly try on the staff to
reach out and make connections, personalize, engage
with our students, but we also depend on them. They’re accountable for
their experience, too. It’s hard making the transition
from high school to college. You have a lot more studying to
do, a lot more papers to write. Time management’s very hard
when you have a job, athletics, and academics kind of
stacking on top of each other. If you can compete at
a high enough level, you can go to school with a
lot of your expenses covered. I was working super
hard on basketball, and I was working super hard
on music, and it just clicked. We are going to move on to the
departmental awards portion. We have co-winners for the
first award this evening. Daja Burnett and [INAUDIBLE] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] The award banquet was fun. I got to see some people I
haven’t seen in a long time. We fight with
ourselves every year with the depth of competition
for our departmental awards. Every night that we all spend
in here, it’s like 9:00, 9:15, it was represented. It really solidified what
I meant to the program. We just have such a high
quality of student athletes that really work hard,
really lend themselves to the programs. They’re committed. They’re devoted. And they just want
to get better. Because of basketball, I did
really well academically. It forced me to focus. I think they’ve really
built a community to make you better,
academically and athletically. This year has
definitely shaped me into the person that I am, and
gave me an idea of the person that I want to strive to be. Coming here has just
redefined me as a person. I can be a leader. And hopefully next year,
I can lead this team to bigger things. Who’s ready? We’re ready! Who’s ready? We’re ready! Who’s ready? We’re ready! A-A-C-C Riverhawks!

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