Archie Robinson – Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016 | Hillsdale College

Archie Robinson:
A life lesson that I think I got from football is how to learn to live with each person and
react to each person. I played linebacker, and then safety, and then I played a little
offense, defensive end, too. I remember my freshman year Muddy saying, “We’re going to
have a good team. We’ll start out with a small group of people, and then as it grows, we’ll
see it getting bigger and blossom.” Those are the kinds of things that I saw with Muddy.
He would work to see that thing blossom out. Regardless of what kind of athlete you were,
he was going to reach out to say, “I love you.” Everything he did was like that. That was
four years in college, two years outside of college. The first year I played with the
Dolphins. The second year I went and played for a minor league team at Miami. It was playing
football, but it wasn’t going anywhere. Muddy had me come in. “I want you to be my defensive
backfield coach.” After the five years of coaching there, I
got married. We’ve been all around the world now. I was really in it to coach football,
to coach basketball, to coach track, to coach all other sports. Thirty-eight years at the
high school level: football, baseball, basketball. That’s what I wanted to do. Being an All-American,
we’ve got to work together, run your lives together. That means you’ve got to tackle
together. That means you’ve got to work hard together. That means you’ve got to pick up
a stone and throw it further. You just can’t give up; you just can’t.

One thought on “Archie Robinson – Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016 | Hillsdale College

  • March 15, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    Coach Rob was my friend and always will be we coach boys basketball at Flint Hamady High school for a long time together and the memories our fellowship in christ will be talk about in heaven when we see each other my brother. Congrats own you HOF well deserve.


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