An introduction to Skipping games

the earliest references to skipping from the 16th century relate to skipping with a hoop rather than a rope in Britain the earliest reference to rope skipping is to single skipping in the early 18th century skipping ropes have been manufactured for children since the 18th century though of course improvisation plays its part in this history washing lines were often used to make a long rope the two basic forms of skipping our single skipping with a short rope and group skipping with a long rope which were observed by Alison Uttley enthusiastic chronicler of Victorian childhood clearly these basic forms are still to be found today as with clapping games part of the appeal here is skill demonstrated both by the complexity and variety of moves mastered but also by speed as the op’s memorably said the expert skipper reminds one not a flattering butterfly but machine gun in long rope skipping there are different methods of turning the Rope for example varying the speed often regulated by a chance such as salt mustard vinegar pepper salt being the slowest and pepper the fastest and in doing the bumps in which the Rope is whipped around so fast that it passes under the skipper’s feet twice in one jump so on the letters of mrs. themes I’m is ff5 is it seems you mrs. lty another method was to swing the rope from side to side rather than turn the Rope as in the initial part of the rhyme bluebells cockleshells evo IV over the other kind of skipping game to notice elastics or French skipping played with a long continuous loop of elastic stretched around the legs of the two Enders to form a rectangle elastics took root in Britain in the 1960s brought from the USA and ultimately originating from china or japan this seems to come and go in intense crazies while the op’s recorded a wide variety of rhymes accompanying skipping games the playgrounds researched for this website produced a smaller repertoire somewhere old favorites such as teddy bear teddy bear turn around teddy bear teddy bear touch the ground still found across Britain and Cinderella dressed in yellow which has been in circulation at least since the nineteen sixties finally as with any game involving physical objects children display considerable inventiveness in using skipping ropes for other purposes building them into pretend play to serve as snakes rains for a horse or other imaginative transformations

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